Business Model Generation Research Paper

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In sum, from Bolman and Deal's (1991) perspective, leadership effectiveness is therefore inextricably interrelated with symbols and organizational leaders must use this frame in combination with the structural, human resource and political frames to achieve optimal outcomes.

Moreover, Osterwalder and Pigneur (2013) maintain that a business plan is not the key to success but rather a focus on developing a viable business model is needed to achieve a competitive advantage. According to Osterwalder and Pigneur (2013), "A business model describes how an organization creates, delivers and captures value" (p. 12). The business model canvas can help organizations visually depict the various building blocks that contribute to these outcomes (Osterwalder & Pigneur, 2013).


The research showed that the structural, human resource, political, and symbolic frames developed by Bolman and Deal and the metaphoric analysis propounded by Morgan can help organizational leaders, subordinates and other stakeholders gain a better understanding about how organizations are structured and how they operate on a day-to-day basis. The research also showed that authorities such as Osterwalder and Pigneur maintain that a business plan is less important to an organization's success than a viable business model, and the business model canvas can facilitate the evaluation of the effects of the disparate parts of an organization.


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Lecture notes.

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Research Paper on Business Model Generation Assignment

Van Engen, R.B. (2008). Metaphor: A multifaceted literary device used by Morgan…
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