Business and Nonprofit Leadership Principles Term Paper

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Principles of Nonprofit Leadership

1. Have a written, clearly defined mission statement that guides the overall aims and activities of the organization. The mission statement should be linked to the values of the organization and its vision for the future.

2. Nonprofit's mission should be reviewed by the board periodically (every two to three years) to consider societal and community changes to address evolving needs of its target constituents and the community at large.

3. Be responsive to community needs and should solicit input from a variety of sources such as staff, board members, clients and other constituents.

4. Consult with other organizations in its field to determine the need for service and the best use of community resources and potential partnerships.

5. Create a written three to five-year strategic plan for implementation of its activities.

6. Establish an annual operational plan that identifies goals, objectives, actions, and responsibility for implementation.

7. Emerge from expressed community needs and periodically confirm that it is addressing changing community needs.

8. Provide opportunities for individuals to extend networking opportunities to expand its ability to serve greater populations and connect community resources.

9. Extend opportunities for individuals and the community as a whole to sharpen and strengthen leadership skills to encourage the development of emerging leaders.

10. Work to build trust between communities and to bridge relationships among diverse constituencies.

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11. Be inclusive in its activities by remaining open to new ideas, participants, and external input. It should conduct itself in a way that is transparent, flexible, and responsive to change.

12. Identify its constituents and stakeholders -- the people who benefit from, are affected by, are keys to the success of, and/or share the values implicit in its work.

Term Paper on Business & Nonprofit Leadership Principles Assignment

13. Conduct its activities with procedural fairness to ensure inclusiveness in decision making for constituents and the community.…
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