Business Plan: Alabama Outdoor Adventure (Aoa) Center Business Plan

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Once the project has gained momentum sufficient enough to enable it yield scale economies, its scope will be expanded to cover the segment of disabled clients constrained by costs. The owners expect this to be actualized within the next two years. The customer segment constrained by information inadequacies will be reached through more inclusive forms of registration and an intense promotion program (details discussed in the 'communication and promotion strategies' segment); whereas the cost-constrained clientele will derive benefits in the long-run in the form of low service costs.

We expect the paratransit road tour service to bring about increased ease of use and functionality for the targeted group. So far, we have been able to convert numerous customers from competitive services to AOA services, and currently, more than 50% of our customers are repeat clients. Newcomers rely solely on magazine advertisements and word-of-mouth referrals.

Target Market Needs

Persons with disabilities deserve a chance to engage in their preferred outdoor recreational activities (McAvoy, et al., 2006, p. 24). The current system, unfortunately, does not accord them that; at least it hasn't for the seven years we have been in operation at the Horseshoe Bend (Smith, et al., 2011, p. 76). If we are to succeed in making America a land of equals, we will have to start with those very small things that have perhaps become so normal that they are now a way of life. AOA's paratransit road tour service is intended to do just that.

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Business Plan on Business Plan: Alabama Outdoor Adventure (Aoa) Center Assignment

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the population of persons aged 65 and over grew by a massive 1000% between 1900 and 2008 (from 3 million to 39 million) (Aging Statistics, 2010, p. 2). It is projected that by 2030, this older population will have doubled to 70 million, more than 20% of the total American population (Aging Statistics, 2010). This trend can largely be attributed to the aging of the Baby Boomer population (the more than 70 million people born in the U.S. between 1945 and 1965). This generation currently represents one-third of the U.S. population; and as they enter the ranks of the 65-plus age bracket, the country can expect to see an unprecedented increase in the proportion of elderly persons. As Chappell and Cooke (2010) point out, the prevalence of mobility disabilities associated with age is expected to grow at a rate almost proportional to that of the aging population.

Competitor Analysis

The paratransit road tour service is the only one of its kind in the Horseshoe Bend, and faces no direct competition at present. However, AOA Center, as a whole, faces intense competition, particularly in the horseback riding and biking adventures. The Mountain Outfitters, the Horse Trail End, and the Horse Cove Stores are the center's main competitors in the horseback riding adventure. All the three are larger than AOA and offer horseback-riding adventures in multiple camping sites and recreation Parks in Dadeville, including Horseshoe Bend. In the biking arena, the center faces stiff competition from Nature's Best, Living Bike, and Southeast Tours. Most of these rely primarily on travel listing on national magazines and brochure mailers to promote their services. Further, most of AOA's competitors specialize in a single adventure. We, however, consider our multiple adventure strategy a source of competitive advantage, not only because it allows us to offer complementary adventures, but also because it enables us to conveniently serve customers with multiple favorites.

Communication and Promotion Strategies

To complement the conventional travel listing and brochure service promotion strategies, AOS will institute a number of other promotional techniques for the paratransit road tour service. These will include:

Concentrated advertising on TV, particularly during winter, which will focus on informing the elderly, who are often most affected, of a way to escape the cold and snow. This strategy is based on the assumption that members of the target group are likely to spend more time indoors and are, therefore, highly likely to catch an advert on TV.

Setting up lemonade stands at bike and jogging trails on busy days

Having small-size print adverts with pictures of the paratransit tour vehicles and the adaptation features attached on our rental bikes. Our biking tour service enjoys a relatively strong customer base, and we find it reasonable to use its popularity as a platform for building the rest of our products. Clearly, if one is satisfied with our biking tour service, they obviously will refer someone with the expectation that the services on the other end will be as satisfying.

Having flyers distributed to local colleges and nearby schools for the disabled, as well as the Chamber of Commerce

Running a door-to-door campaign within Dadeville, where brochures and leaflets advertising the paratransit road tour service will be distributed. A hundred students from the local colleges will be recruited to conduct the campaign in exchange for lifetime membership

Offering commission facilities to members who refer newcomers to the program

Having advertisements put up on the center's fan page on Facebook and Twitter, with the aim of reaching younger persons with disabilities who may be too preoccupied online to catch the same on mainstream media.


The Alabama Outdoor Recreation Facility offers boating services, horseback riding, and mountain bike rental services at the Horseshoe Bend Military National Park. It currently controls 12% of the market share and the owners believe that if the paratransit road tour program to cater for the growing number of persons with disabilities visiting the park is properly implemented, it would boost the facility's revenue stream as well as market position.


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