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IT Business Plan

Club IT is a dance club that provides music, entertainment, food and drink to customers who are 21 and older. As such, the club is focused on creating a space that is entertaining for customers at any time of the day. The Club's information needs focus on maintaining databases that contain personnel, financial, and customer information.

Club IT's mission is to provide live music, DJs, dance space, and refreshments for its clientele. Because the primary clientele are adults from 21 years of age, the focus of these various forms of entertainment is meeting the needs of the modern young person. Hence the mission to create a community in the club, where people can meet, make new friends and reconnect with old friends.

Generally, people meeting at the club prefer to drink, although many patrons also enjoy coming in for lunch at particular times of the day. The personnel who work directly with customers at the club include cooks, servers, bartenders, and security personnel. Entertainment is provided by DJs and live bands.

The mission statement is particularly focused on customers, with the aim to provide the best experience possible and to make Club IT the club of choice. The interactions between customers and personnel are also based upon the mission statement regarding friendship; customers are treated like regular visitors and friends.


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Currently, Club IT's information resources include only intranet sources. Employees can log in to review their payment and leave information. There are also profiles of the employees, as well as information regarding the club's revenue and expenses. This information can be accessed by the managers. An IT department is in place to help the club manage its information.

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The Club's information needs then extend to a more organized system of managing its information. Accounting information can for example be expanded to include not only monthly revenues, but also daily income from the various services and goods it offers. Most of the Club's income is from drink and food. Analyzing computerized information regarding the revenues from these is important in terms of planning for the acquisition of supplies for the club. Furthermore, analysis will also reveal which food and drink items are most popular on particular days.

In order to accomplish this, the club could expand its intranet resources for personnel to enter information of their own. During any particular night, for example, bartenders and serving personnel can take turns to enter specific information regarding food and drink sales into computer databases as these are reported by the personnel in the process of serving. This information is important for analysis purposes, and can contribute to the effectiveness of the business and its operations.

A database can also be created to establish the general demographic of the clientele, and to thus cater for their specific requirements. It is estimated that most of the customers are in their early to late… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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