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Business Plan

IDC Interiors aims to open a small business venture with the aim to attract clients as much as this venture can of both types of customers (residential or commercial) by offering unique, comprehensive, environment-friendly and comfortable, interior design services for them.

The aim will be to completely satisfy the target market which includes the residential and commercial residents in Auckland. IDC Interiors complement the interior design structures by not just providing a sense of aesthetic distribution of space but also offer services that will optimally use furniture, fabric, electrical and heating structures as well as accessories (Schultz et al., 2000).

IDC company will be the first company in Auckland which combine selling furniture and providing interior design services. The company will provides a unique service by saving client's effort, time combine with interior design technique of good furniture's materials. The main step to establish this venture is to contract with trustworthy Chinese company for furniture to build a good reputation for venture's goods.

Global social network is an efficient pattern to passing this service a cross variety of people, for instance: twitter and Facebook...etc. In addition; distribute brochures in different places as a kind of marketing. Establish website to present company's services, previous work and contact with them.

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This market provides entire service around interior design starts from the consultation ends to the additional accessories for furnishing. The future plan for this company will be an expansion plan by opening factories to industrialize its furniture and goods with special logo for itself.

IDC consists of the owner who is also the manager is in charge of consulting, designing and executing all the deals. The owner contracts to four main contractors: foreign employees, a foreign furniture company, local companies to supply gypsum and pigments and a local franchise company.

TOPIC: Business Plan on Business Plan for a Company Assignment

It is important for financial stage to improve stockturn and reduce stock investment. This new venture needs $40,000 as a bank funds.This loan will be divided on:Business mentoring services, truck, a sewing machine, a desktop computer anddesign software.

The complete revenues anticipated for the first year of the venture are well in excess of $46,000 and the overall start-up costs incurred for the first year are a little over $42,000 making the first year projection to be a successful and profitable one. Furthermore, the projected increase in profits for the two years to follow after the first year is anticipated to more than double with nearly $90,000 revenues projected by the end of the third year. The following table shows the overall costs and comparison for sales, gross profit margins and net profits projections for the first three years including the start-up year. The steady increase in all three sectors is extremely likely due to the projected and consistent increase of revenues.

Products and Services

IDC Interiors emphasises on giving interior design consulting. This is balanced by particularly purchased furniture, art pieces, decorator textile, and accessories for the residence and office. The sales procedure will start with interior design consulting services and then develop on to offer particularly selected parts to complement the design theme.

Products obtainable via IDC Interiors contain:

1. Furniture obtainable through particular arrangements with Thomasville, Drexel Heritage, and Henredon and neighbouring craftsman.

2. An assortment of decorator fabrics from Fabricut, P Kaufmann, Waverly, Regal, Latimer Alexander, Robert Allen, Ralph Lauren, Covington, along with Portfolio.

3. A line of drapes hardware that is known as "Oval Office Iron" purchased via Dept. Of the Interior Decorator Fabrics located in Eugene, Oregon found online at

4. Decorations and art pieces obtainable via wholesale shows.

5. Hunter Douglas window management products including a diversity of hard window coverings.

6. Inner shelters that are made of wood as well as a plastic/resin related product is called "plywood."

7. Traditional or antiques obtained for particular client needs via an agreement with a local antique purchaser and through direct buying through other sources.

Product and Service Description

Our main points of discrimination provide customers with these qualities:

Exclusive customer's knowledge from a trained and expert interior designer that is capable of meeting the needs of astute clients with high prospect. Secondly access to a wide and exceptional assortment of new and traditional furniture, accessories, along with special-order decorator fabrics.

Then personal support from a complementary product offering is provided including hard-covering window management, hardware, as well as home accessories that suit the look and purpose of each project.

Competitive Comparison

Our rivalry is first and foremost from other interior designers. Taking a look a wider picture, there is also rivalry from the "do-it-yourself" resource givers that have retail stores as well as websites that have the following:

Bed, Bath and Beyond shifted into the marketplace in the year 2000 at an absolutely brilliant location. Discount stores that include Target, Wal-Mart as well as Home Depot have expanded their fabric, bedding, pillow, along with ready-made drapery line often expressing lines that also have Waverly.

Norwalk carried on making purchases "blank" furniture as well as making a designer fabric assortment a striking solution to recovering furniture. Catalogue sales carried on to be an important force with a list together with Ballard Design, Calico Corners, Pottery Barn, and Eddie Bauer increasing buying choices.

The list of rivals for home fashion accessory rivalry includes Pier 1 and local rivals that give a whole list of additional furniture, accessory along with gift stores. Web selling of furniture, fabric as well as other interior design-based products has increased radically and in many instances is with no trouble available.

Sales Literature

An easy, specialized and professional looking booklet will be obtainable to provide transfer sources, go at seminars and on a choosing basis, use for direct mail intentions.

Business Feasibility

Strategic overview:

The interior designer is that whose will take a blank canvas and transform that into a work of art by creating a beautiful atmosphere by matching colours and choosing modern furniture, achieves this from a scientific basis and previous experience. Auckland's Creative Industries Document defines the creative industries are those industries with their personal creativity, skill and talent and have a potential for wealth and job creation through the generation and exploitation of capabilities (KIROFF, 2010).

The New Zealand creative industries are divided into six subsectors where the largest source of employment is the design sector (architecture, graphic design and advertising) comes with 5,400 jobs in Auckland city (KIROFF, 2010). The study of the design creative industries in Auckland is based on the DINZ data (Design Institute of New Zealand) Directory. However, the study ratio demonstrates Auckland on the forefront of the design market in the country (KIROFF, 2010).

There are three essential factors affect the profits earned by the firms, they are: customers, suppliers and competitors (Grant, 2010). Customers respect a high value of the products while this company is facing a big competition in Auckland's markets so it will focus on buyer power by making unique services and aims to differentiate its services by offering: combination services which integrate the interior design service with purchasing furniture (Grant, 2010). IDC will contract with a trustworthy Chinese furnishing company that produce a high quality of materials and it uniqueness through combine many services in one package. The second factor is a Chinese supplier company as we mentioned that provide a high quality in reduced prices with storage and delivery service which minimize the potential risk. Last factor is industry rivalry which also focus on how to concentrate on the threats of entry and substitutes so this project will provide a creative service that based on interior design science which many people do not familiar with it additionally, associated advantages: unique product's quality, easy channels, accomplish in short time and competitive prices.

IDC Interiors will face competition from other local and multinational interior designers as well as individual entrepreneurs and amateur designers. Some of the competition that IDC Interiors will face includes the following: Large retail stores like Target, Wal-Mart and Home Depot that offer a wide branded variety of interior designing options from fabrics to accessories. Catalogue sales and online marketers of furniture inclusive of companies like Pottery Barn, Calico Corners, Ballard Design, and Eddie Bauer (Sinha, 2000) will be a major threat and IDC Interiors will need to distinguish itself by interior design as an additional service and counter them by having apt online purchasing and marketing structures as well (Porter, 2001).

The environment for doing business in New Zealand has changed since the last the Small Business Advisory Group (SBAG) report in 2008 while, in June 2012, the Government sets out a strategy for small and medium enterprises for New Zealand's future economic direction so that we can make decisions in our business with low risk (Sam-ndsen, et al., 2012).

Market Viability

IDC classified as small business between 97,888 enterprises that form 20.8% of all enterprises in New Zealand, this venture consists of five people the owner as a manager and four employees (SMEs in New Zealand: Structure and Dynamics 2011, 2011)[footnoteRef:2]. These figures indicate… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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