Business Plan Gbsgreen Building Solutions Business Plan

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XI. Process

Green Building Solutions is a process that involves hands on design and development planning with clients of the company to ensure that the building design is adherent to client's needs and local building and energy codes. The construction phase will require close interaction with clients to ensure that the project proceeds according to the client's expectations and within the clients assigned cost.

XII. People

Included in the staff of Green Building Solutions are designers, developers, engineers, construction management and laborers and the project manager overseeing each construction project.

XIII. Financial Analysis & Projections

The company has a starting budget of $2.2 million, which should serve to cover its first year of operation until the company begins making a profit.

XVI. Profit and Loss

Cash flow projects are as follows:

First Three Months of Business -- 3 projects @ $500,000 = $1.5 million

Expenses for Projects $750,000 = Profit = $750,000

Second Three Months of Business 6 projects @ $650,000 = $1.95 million

Expenses for Projects $400,000 = Profit = $250,000

Second Half of First Year 9 projects at $500,000 = $4.5 million

Expenses for Projects $2.2 million = Profit = $2.3 million

Total Profits for First Year $3.3 million

XVII. Risks and Assumptions

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There is a risk that the company will not gain the contracts that have been assumed in this business plan and there is a risk that a downturn in the economy could result in a setback for the company.


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