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Although the specific technological applications used in the solar-powered billboard array described herein differs from that illustrated in Figure 1 above, the underlying concept -- using renewable energy sources -- is essentially the same. The ability to deploy solar-powered billboards in the otherwise-hostile environments that characterize much of the GCC states is therefore a viable marketing approach which is especially well situated to take advantage of this railroad grid connecting the GCC member states. This railroad grid consists of hundreds and hundreds of miles of potential billboard sites, and the ability to continually power these billboards and their projection displays using solar power makes them particularly suitable applications. According to Blanche (2011), "Middle East governments have committed more than $100 billion to railway projects in the coming years. Saudi Arabia is the driving force in the drive to build the rail network linking the six Gulf Cooperation Council countries" (p. 13). Moreover, the rail network will be highly suitable for billboard deployments based on its focus on providing light rail passenger services, with Dubai becoming the first member state to complete a metro system in September 2009 (Blanche, 2011). Forecasts indicate that these trends will continue well in the future, fueled by ongoing financial investments from the GCC member states. In this regard, Blanche reports that, "Business on the $28 billion system has already doubled amid predictions that in 10-15 years around 80% of the GCC's population will be living in cities. Taking their lead from the golden days of European railways, the six GCC states are planning ambitious rail systems to carry both passengers and freight" (2011, p. 13).

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This regional network will require between $30 billion and $100 billion to complete and will ultimately include about 1,500 miles of track in a region of the world that has lacked any substantive railway transportation in the past (Blanche, 2011). Scheduled for completion by 2017, the railway system is currently planned to be extended further throughout the region in the future in order to link other major cities as well. For instance, another major associated railway project is 245-mile Haramain High-Speed Rail between the holy cities of Mecca and Medina priced at $7 billion that is intended to transport the 10 million Muslim pilgrims who complete the Hajj each year (Blanche, 2011). Scheduled for completion in 2013, this additional railway system will become part of the larger network being constructed throughout the region (Blanche, 2011).

In fact, the railway system being constructed throughout the GCC rid will eventually connect to other railway projects that currently on the drawing board or already under construction (Blanche, 2011). According to Blanche, "Other states in the Middle East and North Africa have also drawn up ambitious plans for rail systems that could eventually connect with the GCC grid north through Iraq to Turkey -- although right now Iraq's stability is uncertain -- and the Mediterranean" (2011, para. 4). Additional routes are planned for the Jordan to Syria connection as well as through North Africa and Europe, with the potential to expand even further into the burgeoning Asian markets in the east (Blanche, 2011). Taken together, the market is for solar-powered billboards is exploding in the GCC and the company's primary product is well positioned to satisfy this need as described further below.

Products or Services

The company's primary product will be environmentally friendly solar-powered billboards, projections and cling advertisements that adhere to smooth glass surfaces. According to Reichert and Lambiase, "Although billboard advertising ranks behind all major media forms in terms of total advertising revenue, it is an important part of the media mix for many products. Billboard advertising is unique because it can reach a large number of viewers, and these viewers have only a few seconds to process the message" (p. 107). Despite some backlash from conservationists and others who decry the blight billboards represent in densely populated regions, billboards continue to gain in popularity among companies of all sizes and types for a number of reasons, including the following:

1. Billboards provide companies with a larger than life image.

2. Billboards can help reach a large audience of potential new customers; placed in the right location, a billboard can be seen by customers and potential prospects several times a day and reinforce a message sent using direct mail, TV advertising or other media outlets.

3. Billboard ads are, for the most part, exposed for an extended period of time. In most cases, billboard advertising space is sold on a monthly basis. Typically, billboard space is purchased space several months in advance (Ginyard, 2003, p. 120).

The company's pricing strategy for its solar-powered billboards, projections and cling advertisements will follow more of a penetration route; this is where the company's leadership team will try to penetrate the market with more competitive prices than our competitors. Lower electricity consumption which will therefore result in lower costs. The plan of the marketing department is to forward these lower costs as lower prices for consumers; basically, the corporate strategy will be to provide the same communication method at a much lower cost than traditional advertising competitors.

Marketing Research and Evaluation

The Marketing Research indicates that the GCC marketplace represents an exciting opportunity for deployment of the solar-powered billboards envisioned herein. One of the main advantages of competing in the billboard advertisement industry is the ability to use the medium for self-promotional purposes which will be achieved using the following:

1. Billboards

2. Cling Alls

3. Projections

4. Facebook Page

5. Newspaper Advertisements

6. Radio

This approach is currently being used by other solar-powered billboard vendors such as the one depicted in Figure 3 below.

Figure 3. Representative sample of solar-powered billboard self-promotion

Source: Bains, 2008

A representative sampling of cling advertisements in the field in provided in Figure 4 below.

Figure 4. Cling advertisements in the field


An evaluation of the respective strengths and benefits that are associated with each of the foregoing methods will be conducted periodically to ensure that company resources are being allocated to the major sources of customer referral as well as a cost-benefit analysis, with venues such as social networking being especially attractive because of their cost effectiveness. In fact, the integration of social networking sites such as Facebook is highly congruent with the guidance provided by Elefant (2011) who emphasizes that, "In jurisdictions with retail competition, suppliers are integrating social media campaigns with more expensive conventional advertising such as radio, television, and billboards, to attract customers. For incumbents competing with new suppliers, social media takes on a more significant role - not so much for marketing but for customer retention" (p. 2).

Placement will be as follows:

1. Billboards

2. Conventional Areas

3. Non-Conventional Areas

4. Projections

5. Retail outlet store windows

6. Cling alls

7. Vehicle windows

8. Most metal surfaces

Manufacturing and Operations Plan

The manufacturing plan for the company will focus on identifying strategic partners locally as well as in China that are capable of providing the components set forth in the company's financial plan below. The operations plan will focus on generating new clientele and monitoring the operational status of the company's deployed billboards. This will be one of the more challenging aspects of the enterprise given the hostile environmental conditions in which some of these billboards will be located. In this regard, Blanche reports that, "Building a railway network across the Arabian Peninsula is fraught with difficulties. No one has laid a railroad on the large shifting sand dunes before, so engineers need to figure out how that can be done" (2011, p. 13). A federal agency in the UAE, Union Railway, has been tasked with developing technological solutions that can facilitate the construction of the railway and its ancillary support structure in the desert setting (Blanche, 2011). The research conducted to date indicates that although the challenges are formidable, the experiences of the Australian railway system operating in similar conditions have proven valuable in guiding the way for the GCC member states (Blanche, 2011).

Management Team

1. Akshay Kothari (Finance Manager)

2. Pashmina Jham (Sales Manager)

3. Khalid Riyaz (Marketing Manager)

4. JayPatni (Operation and Purchase Manager)


A tentative timeline for achieving the company's preliminary corporate objectives is set forth in Table 2 below.

Table 2

Tentative Timeline for Achieving Corporate Objectives

Corporate Objective


Establish a profit margin of 15% - 20%

First six months of operation

Capture 10% of market share

End of first year

Sustained growth of 5%

Each year

Have at least 2 public campaigns

Each year

Start expansion into other GCC countries

End of 3 years

The foregoing goals set forth in Table 2 above will be supported by the following goals:

1. Consistently, Achieve sufficient profit to finance firm growth and keep stakeholders satisfied

2. Promote employee commitment and loyalty

3. Generate needed resources… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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