Business Plan for a New or Fledgling Business Venture Business Plan

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¶ … Business Organisation

Marketing Plan

Production Plan

Management & Labour Plan

Financial Plans

Projected Income Statement

Cash Flow Forecast

Projected Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Equity

Key Targets

Business Plan for Day Care Centre for Dogs

Purpose of the Plan

To provide a ten-year operating plan for a day care centre for dogs focusing on:

Teaching them etiquette skills, caring for them, and entertaining them whilst their owners are at work or otherwise occupied.

Teaching them special skills at their owner's volition

Diversifying into other domestic pet branches (such as cats and birds)

Providing a safe temporary haven for dogs during the day, and providing a long-term haven for dogs whilst their owners are on holiday or, for other reasons are unable to care for them over an interval of time.

Business highlights

The team that will be responsible for the daily operations of the day-care centre will include a vet, a gymnast, a dog breeder, two teachers, and two assistants.

Special dog food will be provided

There will be a masseur for the dogs

Grooming facilities will be provided for the dogs ( a groomer may be willing to work on a 50% commission basis. Groomers will be found by placing ads in local papers.)

Special gymnastic equipment and toys will be featured on premises.

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A yoga teacher will perform dog yoga with the dogs.

TOPIC: Business Plan on Business Plan for a New or Fledgling Business Venture Assignment

I will also endeavor to escertain that the interior that has a homely feel to it. It will be a place that is decorated, fun and professional. My lobby area will be attractive with table, chairs, newspaper / magazine rack, and potted plants. I will have some paintings on the walls; and add a board that has pictures of happy pets using 'Doggie Day' services. The ceilings will be a sky blue, with accent colors added to certain walls. The play areas will contain gymnastic items and fun toys such as a slide, a tunnel, a large ball etc. I will have murals on the walls of dogs engaged in various activities, and sound pipes that will transmit light, relaxing 'doggy' music. Incense too might be an option as well as halucinogen lighting. This whole inside area will be sectioned off into different areas for different activities such as a few large dog runs, a play area, and a feeding and resting area. A pool will be considered an option in the future.

Business Activities and Targets

Marketing Plan

Diversify into birds, cats and other household pets

Develop a brand name

Build a website and construct other promotional material

Production Plan

Acquire at least 100 canines in the first 5 months.

Investigate into expanding into other domestic pets within the next two years.

Management and Labor Plan

Hire a personal assistant, a vet, an accounts clerk, a gymnast, a dog breeder and maintenance personnel.

Financial Plan

Pay off debt according to payment schedules

Build equity

Business Name: Doggie Day (DD) Day Care Centre for Dogs

*Box 10808

*Quesnel, British Columbia, V2J 2C 1

Telephone / Fax: *

Type of organization: Proprietorship

Licenses and Permits

Dog Training Facility License

Insurance (not only for human injurty but also for property damage and for workers' compensation injuries)

Business Insurance / property Insurance / Commercial lease

There are three types of leases involved with opening a Dog daycare center. Although the information was obtained from an American website, requirements apply to almost all Western countries including Britain. The leases needed are:

1. Gross Lease: A lease in which the tenant pays a fixed rental amount for the duration of the lease and the landlord pays the expenses associated with owning the property such as taxes and insurance.

or, more commonly:

2. Net Lease: A lease in which the tenant pays in addition to rent, the maintenance and operating expenses such as real estate taxes, insurance premiums, and so forth.

3. Triple-net Lease: A lease in which the tenant pays, in addition to rent, all expenses related to the operation of the property. (

To avoid the business being shut, I will also need to maintain all these business licenses and registrations

Management and Labor





Operator / manager

* Assistant Bookkeeper

Business Advisors Role

A.W. Accountant

B.Z Lawyer

Q.T. Bank Manager



To manage the daycare as an efficient and profitable family-operated daycare business, maintain assets in good working condition, reduce debt and build equity. To run the daycare six day a week (Monday -- Friday, from 7.00am --

Long-Term Goals

Pay off debt

Set aside retirement funds

Maintain payment schedule

No new debt

11 years

Priority on high cash flow for payments

Invest GST and income

Tax refunds

Start investment portofolio

Start NISA Account

15 years

Short-Term Goals

Gain dog license and insurances

Take small business operating courses

Learn about small business operation from Seminar/books 3 years

Build website / Design and create marketing equipment. Advertise / Recruit employees.

Rent building; get lease; get phone, basic office equipment, and other supplies. Approach Better Business Bureau. Employ contractors. Furnish building both inside and out.

Buy equipment. Furnish building 1-year

Register business. Complete zoning / insurance etc. paperwork . Create form for DayCare e.g Medical Form.

Intensify marketing. Word-of-mouth. Approach places, sponsor events etc. Doggie Day Open Day.

I will also need to consult a knowledgeable insurance agent who will handle all my needs. I will approach a carrier that is specially designed to provide insurance to companies that specialise with pets.

If implementing facility construction, I will also need to employ a contractor, and approach the Better Business Bureau for recommendations before doing so. I will search for a large warehouse type facility with adequate ventilation and flooring work that is well fenced-in and in an area where dogs are welcomed. I will also search for a facility that opens into a yard area so that the dogs have space to play outside. Ideally, I will look for a facility that is located near a park or near a great stretch of free space where the dogs can run.

Marketing Strategy

To advertise and promote business in order to attract customers. Most prominently, to do this word-of-mouth

To work with associated local businesses, e.g. vets, groomers, kennels, pet shops, shelters and pet photographers to promote business. To post flyers and leave business cards in these industries.

Network with local animal adoption groups

To organize some functions at facility (these gain media attention).

Talk to radio advertising executives and look for new business programs that they offer.

Advertise in local newspapers and in pet magazines, possibly thorugh the medium of short stories. Another place I can advertise in is in Dog Friendly Britain! (

The Market

The business promises to be lucrative for the following reasons:

1. The region has a large population of canines whose owners often go on holiday and are unable to find accommodations for their pets in the meantime.

2. The region has a significant population of adoring canine owners who go to great lengths of time and money to care for and entertain their dogs.

3. The region's largely middle-class, average middle-aged population are either largely self-employed or working for others, and to that end have little time or energy to care for and entertain their dogs during the day

Given all these reasons, therefore, there is a great need for an excellent daycare centre for dogs in the city; at the moment there is none.

Market Trends

The actual market for this service is substantial (the dog population is 900,989 and growing). In fact, the Doggy Daycare Tips & Information website ( estimates the demand for dog-daycare businesses to be on the rise as increasingly more people are welcoming dogs into their homes as cherished family pets, and states that this is a recession-proof business.

Although these businesses are common in America, they are starting to grow in Britain, and my opening one in the area promises to be lucrative since the need and attraction can spread to other localities. Although we live in Britain, a great way of calculating the profit of establishing a Dog Day centre in the area can be found at the American Veterinary Website ( which, although American-based, provides a way of measuring the quantity of dogs in one specific locality (regardless of country). For instance if, according to the American Veterinary Association Web site, there are approximately 7,452 dog owning households in the area and approximately 11,923 Dogs in this area, I can then use the calculation methods provided by Dog Daycare Demographics to work out exactly how many of these dogs will be applicable to my centre (some of them may, for instance belong to visually-impaired people who, needing them constantly, will be highly unlikely to send them to Doggie Day Centre).

My clients will be from the upper to middle class sections of society, and I intend to build within a cicular radius of 2.5 miles from my proposed clientele. Most of my clients work, and many likely have… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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