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Technology implementation

Chief Technology Officer will be hired as well and would be accountable for the IT support function and all technology related issues faced by the Company.

Intellectual property

Intellectual property (IP) is a legal theory which refers to recognizing of exclusive rights. The company will be properly registered with all legal bindings. A proper consultant will be hired to deal with all legal obligations and handle all legal affairs of the company with the help of a lawyer specially hired for this process.


There are several competitors in the market such as Yahoo,, Mamma, WebCrawler, Excite, Ixquick etc. low start-up capital and simple business model leads to several new market entrants frequently. There is intense competition. aims to enter the market with unique features and strategies to enhance its own market space rather than competing with other Meta search engines for its share of pie in the market.


Current ratio

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This ratio is a degree of how many dollars in assets are probable to be converted to cash within one year in order to pay debts that fall due during the same year. It measures how much a company is capable to pay its short-term obligation and is a liquidity ratio. Higher current ratio shows that the company is more capable of paying its obligations. Value of ratio under 1 proposes that the company will not be able to pay its debts if they ae due at that point of time. Thus maintain high current ratio would be obligatory in order to excel. Avoid being indebted would be a necessary measure in order to attain a high current ratio.


It is a measure of a company's profitability that discloses how much revenue a company generates with the money stockholders have invested. The ROE enables the company to compare their standing against other similar companies in their respective industry. Using the investment wisely to generate profits is immensely important to generate high revenue.

Debt to equity ratio (D/E)

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It is a financial control ratio signifying the relative amount of equity and debt used to finance a company's assets. It is equal to total liabilities divided by shareholders' equity. The company can generate much more earning if debt is used to run the operations than it would have without this outside financing. If this were to increase earnings by a greater amount than the debt cost (interest), then the shareholders advantage as more earnings are being spread around to the same amount of shareholders. However, the cost of this debt financing may overshadow the return that the company makes on the debt through investment and business accomplishments and become too much for the company to cater. Thus carefully managing debt to equity ratio is important to generate profit.


Organization and Ownership

The company will have a board of directors which will comprise of well experienced people in technology business and have strong background from successful business ventures. The Director's will perform numerous jobs and will serve several roles concurrently. All important decision will be based upon the voting process by the board members. The Company would hire expert staff with due industry knowledge to perform the procedures of the Company.

Organizational Structure

The Organizational Structure will be very simple. The President and CEO would be at the helm of affairs. A well experienced person will be haired as an in-charge for investor relations and business development creativities. Chief Financial Officer and his responsibilities would include finance, reporting and agreement with constitutional regulations. The Company would hire an accounting firm to do all the necessary filling efficiently. Chief Technology Officer will be hired as well and would be accountable for the IT support function and all technology related issues faced by the Company. All these departments will be led by their own directors and all these directors will be accountable to the CEO of the company for the final approval of any decision.

Risks and mitigation

Risks are as follows:

Making the most appropriate results available to the user within short time

Vast database can be time consuming thus it needs to be widened

Massive hardware means are required to access data within short time and lack of appropriate hardware can be problematic

Mitigations to the above mentioned risks are as follows:

Updating Information Technology system timely is important.

Keeping a track of hardware update is integral for the proper functioning of a search engine.

Updating the database so the best possible search results are obtained, then ranking the obtained results in descending order of interest and then presenting to the user. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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