Business Process Analysis and Technology Solution Proposal Case Study

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Business Process Analysis and Technology Solution Proposal

XXXXX Haircuts

The haircut and hairstyling industry is flooded with small and fragmented competitors. There are many opportunities to use it to create a competitive advantage in this market. One idea might be to use it to focus on a narrow target market and create a customer relationship management (CRM) platform to make sure the customers' needs are being met at all times and provide a platform for customer feedback and satisfaction ratings. Another idea might be to automate the scheduling system so that clients are reminded when they are due for service and send them automated messages through phone, email, or text. However, one creative idea of how technology could be used to improve quality was identified that could create an interesting competitive advantage.

Many clients can be picky about their hair and quality standards can be difficult to meet with some clients. The quality of the service is often dependent upon the communication between the client and the service provider. For example, a woman might have to try to explain to her stylist in words how she really liked her last haircut. However, with the availability of mass storage and the ability to take pictures as records, offering a service that actually took before and after pictures of people's haircuts might provide in innovative way to attract customers.

For example, if the same woman in the previous example was satisfied with her last service, the stylist could pull… [END OF PREVIEW]

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