Business Proposal Bring Food Truck to Campus Business Proposal

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Business Proposal -- Marketing and Demographics

Customer Category #1 -- University Students

Customer Characteristics

University students represent a highly mobile group of customers for whom ready, convenient availability and speed of service are critical selling points. Typically, students seek breakfast, lunch, and snack venues that do not require them to deviate from their schedules or from their walking routes in between classes and other scheduled requirements on campus. Because keeping the ancillary costs associated with their education (i.e. those not directly related to tuition, housing, and class materials) as low as possible, they seek affordable options for discretionary spending such as choice of food vendor.

Operational Incorporation of Demographic Characteristics

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Proximity of the food service venue to the routes taken by students from dormitories to class and from class to class or lecture hall to lecture hall is the most critical operational element of the proposed service. Accordingly, the Proposed venture concept will rely heavily on the use of mobile food service trucks is the key to this venture, precisely because it permits situating the point of services in the exact areas most frequented by students throughout their day on campus. Beyond the physical location of the venues, the most important element of the venture necessary to guarantee its success will be the selection of menu items and the training of vendors to ensure that all food service transactions are capable of being filled within minutes of order placement. That is simply a function of the fact that students tend to eat during their relatively short breaks in between classes, making waiting times greater than 5 or 10 minutes the maximum limit to attract the largest possible customer base from this demographic group.

TOPIC: Business Proposal on Business Proposal Bring Food Truck to Campus Assignment

While it is anticipated that lunchtime service will provide the greatest revenue stream for the venture, there are also significant opportunities at night time. Specifically, the USC campus is a very socially active environment at night, especially but not exclusively on weekend nights. On any given weekday, particularly toward the end of the week, there are numerous social and recreational events all over the campus, some of which extend well past midnight. Currently, students seeking late-night food service have to rely primarily on the relatively limited food fare available through delivery services or they have to leave the safety and security of the USC campus to walk or drive to nearby fast-food restaurants, many of which are located in areas that are significantly less safe and that represent a much greater risk of being victimized by violent crime than the immediate area of the USC campus. Therefore, it is anticipated that there will be great student demand for the proposed venture services well into the night.

Marketing Avenues

University students and other potential customers from the same age group make more use of online commercial applications (or "apps") and of Twitter than any other customer demographic. Therefore, it would be advisable to create a Twitter page for the proposed venture that rewards followers with regular discount codes that must be redeemed within a specific time frame. Likewise, Twitter provides the opportunity to employ contests, such as for re-tweeting promotions and for posting customer testimonials about the venture. In addition to increasing demand generally, that mechanism can also be used to incentivize patronage during what would otherwise be slower times, such as the hours in between the last classes of the day and the evening or late night crowd associated with nighttime social activities. Another marketing avenue would be a Facebook page with an app that provides continually updated information specifying the precise location of every mobile service van so that customers never have to search for them beyond accessing that app from the convenience of their cellular phones.

Customer Category #2 -- Mobile Workers within the Vicinity of the University

Customer Characteristics

While the principal demographic group targeted by the venture's promotional and marketing efforts will be students, there are also opportunities to include non-students from the same geographic area in the process. Specifically, the USC campus is a sprawling environment that borders many office parks and commercial businesses within the immediate vicinity of the campus. Employees of those businesses typically face many of the same schedule pressures as students, such as fitting in their lunches… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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