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IT professionals will have the capacity and authority to determine what aspects of the system need improvement, therefore there will be constant improvements to the system.

Through their expertise IT professionals will also have the ability to assist mangers in making information systems decisions that are conducive to creating the optimal management environment for the company while also increasing revenues.

2. Hardware resources- the hardware necessary to ensure that Eagle flight runs efficiently will be inclusive of desktop computers which will be used to store customer and school databases, maintain inventories and record daily sales. IT professionals will also be given laptops to ensure that they can gain access to the company's network even when they are absent from the actual facility. The network will also be an integral part of the company's hardware and will require installation and upkeep. Other hardware devices will include peripheral devices such as printers, copiers and cash registers. The hardware resources will allow the company to store massive amounts of information that will allow it to easily access customer and student information. In addition the inventory system will aloe the company to reach out to suppliers when inventory is running low or the sales records show that certain products are not selling well. Overall the hardware is the conduit through which the business will have the capacity to run smoothly. The critical success factors (CSF) associated with this particular process involves

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The hardware will be of a quantity and quality that will ensure that the information stored will be safe and reliable so that students and customers alike will have good experiences with the company.

The various forms of hardware will guarantee that IT professionals have the proper access to the company's network even when they are away from the buildings that house desktops and other hardware.

The hardware possesses the technology that is essential to ensuring proper management of the company involving both the school and the store.

Business Proposal on Business Proposal Mission Statement Vision Assignment

3. Software resources- the computers that the company purchases will have various forms of software that are consistent with the aforementioned processes. That is inventory software such as IntelliTrack WMS Warehouse Management Software will be utilized. IntelliTrack WMS Warehouse Management Software "provides the basic functions for warehouse operations, including physical inventory, shipping, receiving, and picking, as well as management features such as queries, reporting and barcode labeling. WMS Professional includes advanced features like space management, user defined directed put-away and picks, batched order management, replenishment and cross-docking warning ("IntelliTrack Warehouse Management System" (WMS)." This particular software was chosen to track inventory because it will provide the company with all of the insight needed to properly manage inventory.

Additional software will be utilized to handle the personal information of students. Student information will also include the classes that have been completed, the courses that still need to be completed, grades and comments from instructors. Billing information will also be available for students as an aspect of the software. The critical success factors (CSF) associated with this particular process involves

The inventory software is essential to keeping an accurate account of the current products that are available for purchase. While also providing insight into products that need to be ordered or discontinued. Having access to this type of sales information will allow the company to predict what customers desire while also eliminating the products that are not popular. This will assist the company greatly in becoming a leader in the industry.

Inventory software will also allow the company to maintain an excellent relationship with suppliers which will ensure that they get the best contracts as it relates to the amount they pay for products sold in stores.

The software will also be essential to assisting students in keeping track of their academic records. The software allows for convenient access to this information.

4. Data resources- this aspect of the information system structure will be automated. It is important to understand that, "The data resource encompasses all its representation of each and every single data available to an organization. This means that even those non-automated data such as bulks of paper files in individual desks of each staff, confidential paper data hidden in steel cabinets, sales receipts, invoices and all other transaction paper documents constitute the Data Resource. It cannot be denied that despite the digitalization of all business processes, papers still play a large part in business operations ("Data Resources")." With this understood adopting an automated system for data resources in the context of Eagle Flight. An automated system provides the most comprehensive system for ensuring that the data resources are managed in a way that is conducive to ensuring that the company can accurately and effective handle and disseminate the information that it has at its disposal. The critical success factors (CSF) associated with this particular process include the following:

Data will be centrally located and because it is automated it will be easily accessible.

The data can be utilized to make the company more efficient and effective as it pertains to both customers and students.

Having the data readily available will allow the company to make informed decisions concerning management and any changes that need to occur within the context of company operations.

5. Network resources. Implementing the most efficient network tools is vitally important to the type of business that is being developed. The company will need to have a reliable interoffice network that has the capacity to operate various interfaces including ecommerce, student data bases and customer databases. The router used for such operations must be dependable and network must be made as stable as possible. Another major issue is the security of the network. The company's computers will contain sensitive information about students and store customers including names, addresses, grades and credit card information. With this understood the appropriate safety measures associated with network security must be taken into consideration. The company will implement a wireless sensor network. According to Bhatnagar et al., (2010)."

"A wireless sensor network is a network of simple sensing devices; which are capable of sensing some changes of incidents/parameters and communicating with other devices, over a specific geographic area for some specific purposes like target tracking, surveillance, environmental monitoring etc. Since sensor nodes are tightly constrained in processing ability, storage capacity and energy, routing and data aggregation in WSN are very challenging due to inherent characteristics. Therefore, sensor network need to become autonomous and exhibit responsiveness and adaptability to evolution changes in real time, without explicit user or administrator action (Bhatnagar et al., 2010, 2453)."

6. Since this type of network is so open and holds a great deal of vulnerable information serious security measures must be taken. As such the company will adapt an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) (Onat & Miri, 2005). This system will assist in ensuring that the network can remains secure. Security is of the utmost importance to ensure that the private information of customers and students are not exposed. Additionally this security system is important because it ensures that the company will be able to maintain a competitive advantage. If the company fails to properly secure the network competitors could easily gain access to the company information The critical success factors (CSF) associated with this particular process include the following:

The ability to effectively review and evaluate all aspects of the business quickly and efficiently.

The absence of excessive wires and cords that can be an aesthetically unpleasing and a hazard to workers.

Enhances the ability of managers and decision makers to gather information quickly so that decisions can be made in a timely manner.


An extremely important aspect of Eagle flight is the store that will cater to the needs of pilots and students. The store will be unique in that it will have a physical location as well as an online location. The internet store will present many challenges because the products in the online store will be available to people throughout the United States which means that issues related to shipping and timely delivery of products is a major issue. The aforementioned inventory processes will also be effective in maintaining an effective environment for the internet transactions that will take place. In addition the ecommerce website will strive to be trustworthy and provide customers with satisfactory service. Kim (2009) explains that

"Trusted processes are a key success factor in online e-commerce. Accordingly, online sellers need to create an environment in which a consumer can be confident about any online transactions. Two elements of such a facilitating environment are trust and satisfaction - two essential ingredients for successful long-term business relationships with customers (Balasubramanian, et al. 2003). The first ingredient, trust, plays a vital role in almost any commerce involving monetary transactions. The issue of trust may be even more critical in electronic commerce because an Internet purchase is based on the consumer's confidence in processes that are not transparent online, in contrast to that of traditional brick-and-mortar businesses… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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