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Business Staffing Plan for a Long-Term Healthcare Facility

The importance of effectively and intuitively staffing a healthcare facility such as a Health Promotion Program cannot be overstated. The correlation between, for instance, nurse-patient ratios and healthcare outcomes is well-known. This is why a staffing plan must be comprehensive and detailed. The outline for staffing solutions for the healthcare institution discussed in prior documentation includes an explanation of the positions required and the structure of their respective roles.

As we outline the various positions called for, we recognize that evolving legislation, patient needs and technological capabilities have altered the healthcare staffing landscape. For instance, patient classification systems such as the one in place at our facility can help to identify staffing requirements. Here, our Expert Nurse Estimation Patient Classification System (ENEPCS) "identifies the uniqueness of each patient using eight categories of care: 1. Cognitive Status, 2. Self-care Status, 3. Emotional Psycho Social Support needs 4. Comfort/Pain Management needs, 5. Family information and support needs, 6. Treatment needs, 7. Interdisciplinary coordination, patient teaching, and documentation needs, 8. Transition planning needs." (Malloch, 1)Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Business Proposal on Business Proposal Staffing Assignment

These traits for classification show the increased attention given to the relationship between patient classifications and staffing needs. The range of caregivers and administrative personnel required to carry out the functions which are associated with these classifications demands a delegation of tasks and responsibilities that is more nuanced than the sheer distribution of numbers. Under these terms of classification, availability and workload distribution are only the cosmetic features of a staffing scenario that also requires education and credentials to be factored into patient needs. This means that recruitment, hiring, ongoing career training and workplace delegation must be guided by the needs produced in such classification schemes as that described here above.

With that stated, the following are the presently considered healthcare facility's staffing needs, including desired number and justifications:

Managers (10): First and foremost, the Health Promotion facility requires management with designated time slots and departments. These numbers are predicated on the expectation of roughly 240 clients above the age of 50 per week. To handle this case load, the accounting, administrative and technology departments would require two managers each, for peak and off-peak hours of service. The nursing department would employ 4 nurse managers such that two would be on coordinated duty… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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