Business Questions Responses and Innovation Questionnaire

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The benefits of these competitions and open submissions are that people enjoy participating, creating and competing with each other. As well, yourcommunity of users are enabled to participate, which helps increase customer engagement. You\'ll also then have a wide variety of options to choose from, and can quickly collect a large number of ideas (Dixon, 2016). Disruptive innovation could play a massive role in delivering a new product. Everyone hates cleaning their floor because its such a tedious and cumbersome task. This might be the time to invent a product that makes it effortless and easy. In this case, a force field analysis might be useful in determining how big the market is or is not and how much interest there is in a really wild and different product.

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QE: It is not wise for managers to evaluate a promising candidates tweets or postings on social networking sites as grounds for rejection before even interviewing him or her. While one could hope that a prospective candidates social media presence was professional, taking a look at their social media page might influence or bias one for or against the candidate. In order to get an organic impression of the candidate, one really needs to just meet them and make an initial assessment. Later the social media pages can be taken into consideration. However, if there is something disruptive on the prospective candidates social media page, such as something racist, callous, or in poor taste, it would be very generous to let the person know about it. For example, one might say something to the effective of: We thought you were a very compelling and competitive candidate for the job, but your presence on social media does not mesh well with the values of the company.

Questionnaire on Business Questions Responses and Innovation Assignment

QF: It is no surprise that making progress ranks as the most important factor contributing to motivation. It is typical of human nature to feel like their efforts are achieving some discernible results and that can drive them to work even harder. Making progress and using progress as motivation played a big part in the history the American West and the development of the nation as a whole. For managers supervising members of staff on long range projects, complimenting their work and their efforts can go a long way. Furthermore, even though their progress might not be discernible to them, to a good manager the minute strides they make could be more apparent and should be regularly pointed out and complimented with encouragement.


Based on the information provided, Mars offers an incredible workplace and it is apparent according to Herzbergs two-factor theory while motivation is high and turnover is low. Herzogs theory discusses things like achievement, recognition, responsibility, work itself, advancement, personal growth as all major factors in employee satisfaction. According to the case study, all of these elements abound at Mars. Transparency is probably the best method in regards to quality or performance management to inspire confidence in Mars\' stakeholders. The company is already doing so many thing wells and with great aplomb; in this case, inspiring confidence in stakeholders really just means adequately sharing and conveying all the excellence that is occurring daily.


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