Business Report University Guidelines for Establishing Student Thesis

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Business Report

University Guidelines for Establishing Student Webpages

Letter of Transmittal

Director of Media and Information technologies

1800 Grant Street, Suite 101

Denver Colorado, 80203

David Rawlings, President

1800 Grant Street, Suite 800

Denver, Colorado 80203

Office of Median and Information Technologies

Enclosure: Report

Legal Authority

Limits on Usage

Access to Personal Web pages


Right to Amendment and Use of University Intellectual Property

Creating Your Webpage

Getting Started

Web Page Requirements

Avoiding Plagarism

Designing Your Webpage

Editing Your Webpage

Publishing Your Webpage


Tips and Pointers for Success

Conclusions and Recommendations

Works Cited

List of Figures and Illustrations

Illustration 1. Examples of Hard to Read Background Images

Illustration 2. Good Background Images

Illustration 3. Design that is too cluttered

Executive Summary

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In keeping with the University's mission statement of providing the most up-to-date technical resources to students in preparation for their future careers, it was decided by the University President and faculty advisors that the students be allowed to establish a web presence. However, the Internet can be a dangerous place and it is essential that student safety, system safety, and the reputation of the university and students are preserved. For this reason, the monitoring of personal web pages will be conducted using a University server dedicated to that purpose.

Thesis on Business Report University Guidelines for Establishing Student Assignment

It is the goal of the University to make certain that the experiences of students on the web are positive ones. Due to this need, the following set of guidelines will govern the establishment of those web pages and the publication on the World Wide Web. Although, staff will be responsible for monitoring the web pages for adherence to the rules, the ultimate responsibility will remain in the hands of the students. It is imperative that students follow these guidelines and procedures in order to ensure a safe and enriching experience for them.

The guidelines and procedures will help the university in the fulfillment of their obligation to allow the students a hand-on approach to technology and usage. This is an important aspect of the learning experience at the University. The set of procedures established in this guidance will help the university to maintain the oversight needed to make this a safe learning experience.

University Guidelines for Establishing Student Webpages

1.0 Introduction

In keeping with the mission of the University of Colorado, we are proud to offer the opportunity for students to establish their own web page on a server provided by the University. Knowledge of the how the use the Internet effectively is essential in the preparation for participation in today's economy. Without exposure to the web and the opportunities that it holds, students are at a disadvantage. This program will help to not only hone the technical skills of students, but it allow them exercise the ideals of free speech and the exchange of ideals through electronic mediums. This exciting opportunity represents the commitment of the University of Colorado in providing its students with an opportunity to expand horizons and to prepare them for the business world upon graduation.

In as much as the Internet offers an excellent opportunity for growth and expansion, it also offers many threats. Some of these threats are physical and emotional. Others have the potential to damage reputations and destroy lives. The Internet also comes with a certain degree of responsibility for what one has to say, how they obtain information, and how that information is used. Therefore, the first issue that needs to be addressed is the policies and guidelines that will govern student webpages and access to them. After that, this guide will outline the mechanics of web page building on the provided servers.

1.1 Legal Authority

Student webpages make use of University property and resources. They must comply with laws governing publishing and copyright, the Student Code of Conduct, Ethical Policies of the University, as well as any additional laws that are applicable. The posting of Websites on University servers is considered a privilege of attending the university, but will not be treated as a basic right. Any violation of laws, policies and/or rules governing website publication and usage will result in a written warning to the student. A second violation of the same or different nature will result in suspension of website privileges for the remainder of the semester. A third violation of the rules will result in permanent removal and permanent loss of privileges regarding website usage at the university.

In the event that the actions of the student constitute a minor breaking of civil or criminal law, the appropriate law enforcement agencies will be contacted and the matter turned over to them. In the event that the actions of the student constitute a felonious action, the proper authorities will be immediately notified and the student may face any appropriate actions by the university as well. Actions that result in civil or criminal actions against the student reflect poorly on the University and on the students themselves.

1.2 Limits on Usage

A personal webpage can be used to highlight their achievements. Persona webpages can be a tool used to attract potential future employers, to serve as a community asset so that those in the surrounding community can get to know our students and staff better. Parents can use them to check on their sons and daughters. Therefore, it is essential that the content and usage of the student webpages be appropriate for the university setting and in line with the goals and objectives of the organization.

The University of Colorado is an educational institution that is a registered non-profit organization. This status prohibits use of student websites for commercial purposes or for financial gain. The information contained on student websites will be limited to personal information, school projects, and other information of general interests. Prohibition of the use of student websites for financial gain will also extend to the inclusion of affiliate program links. Wording or links will not be used that point the viewer to a commercial website or commercial endeavor unless that usage is to demonstrate an educational point. The use of commercial trademarks or other commercial marks will not be allowed, except expressly demonstrate an educational point or concept.

Websites may not link to offsite personal pages such as those on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, or other similar websites. The University has no control over these sites and cannot assure that they do not break University rules. If you with to participate on these sites on your own personal computer, you may do so at your leisure, but this activity will not be conducted on University servers and student website accounts, due to the potential for linking to inappropriate information.

1.3 Disclaimers

Student websites will be required to include the following disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

"University of Colorado Student Website Disclaimer. The University of Colorado provides webspace as a public service to its students and faculty. Although the University has strict guidelines as to the content and usage of this website service, it may not have the ability to police every circumstance. The information contained on this

website does not express the views or position of the University of Colorado, its faculty, or students. The University of Colorado claims no legal responsibility or liability for the content contained within. Any violation of the law, these guidelines, or university policy should be reported to the webmaster at -- . "

This disclaimer should be included verbatim and cannot be changed or amended by the author of the website.

1.4 Access to Personal Web Pages

Please be aware that the information posted to student websites will be viewable to the general public. It will be accessible to parents, grandparents, potential future employers, professors, fellow students, and potentially children. Use of the University Web servers constitutes the acknowledgement that the student waives all privacy rights concern the information that they choose to publish on personal web pages.

The student is personally liable if they public information that creates consequences or liability through their actions. The content published on personal web pages should be appropriate for general audiences of all ages, including minors. In other words, don't put anything up there that you don't want your parents or potential future employers to see. The university has the right to remove immediately and without notice any information that it deem inappropriate or harmful.

Students will be prohibited from posting information, images, or any content that demeans or threatens others because of their race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender. Sexually suggestive material will also be prohibited. Content that is potentially harmful to others in any way will not be tolerated. Such content will be immediately removed by the University and the account will be suspended for the remainder of the semester. Such material damages not only the student's reputation and public image, but also that of the university. Therefore, such act swill not be tolerated in any way.

1.5 Security

The university will make every attempt to keep student accounts and personal information safe from phishers,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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