Marketing Plan: Business Review of Vna-Tip Homecare

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[. . .] VNA-TIP also has vaccination services for clients who need flu, pneumonia, B12, hepatitis, or shingles shots or telehealth consults, and they can assist an individual with Lifeline Services also. Lifeline is an on-call service for patients who may need assistance in the case of a medical emergency, but live either independently or in a relatively remote location.


The competition for this type of business is intense. Many small localities have similar services available and area hospitals likely have both home care nursing and hospice services. A list of these competitors in the area that VNA-TIP serves includes:

area hospitals, local visiting nurses associations (VNA of St. Louis, VNA of southeastern MO, Howard Co Home Health (MO), Trinity Visiting Nurse and Homecare, ENH Home Services, Southwestern IL VNA), and local hospice organizations (AmHeart, VITAS Innovative and BJC in MO, and Hospice of southern Illinois and Southeast Hospice in southern IL) .

Customer Attitudes

There are no complaints lodged with the BBB for the past 36 months and the company's website shows 37 positive, hand-written notes of thanks that they have received over the past three years. Since there have been no complaints to any agency during an intensive search and the company continues to receive letters of praise from clients, it seems that customers are being well-served and that they are very happy with the services offered.

Customer Communications

The company is available through its many on-call services 24/7/365. The nurses will even visit on major holidays to ensure the continued viability of their patients. The company is available through multiple telephone numbers to various departments, via the web via email, and a prospective client can also visit their corporate offices.

Problems and Opportunities

VNA-TIP has very few outwardly observable problems and a multitude of opportunities. However, there is at least on issue that could cause significant problems with clients if it is not addressed properly.

Problems Identified

A possible issue that the company may have to address is the company's rapid expansion. It is more difficult for a company to deal personally with its employees and customers if it expands too quickly. VNA-TIP has grown from a very small company to one with a sizeable income in just over ten years. They have also expanded their range. Many of the new sites are more than 200 miles from the central headquarters. With modern communications systems this may not seem like an issue, but it could become one in an industry that demands personal communication with patients. With a quickly growing list of services and business sites, it also seems like there could be logistical problems.

Sometimes customers will prefer a smaller, more intimate relationship with the people with whom they do business. Healthcare is an industry that has large, multinational providers. When a small company, such as VNA-TIP begins to grow, they may be linked with large healthcare providers who have image problems.

Obstacles to Goals

It is a business that has providers in every local, small town hospital. Many localities will also have a small hospice organization. This means that the company is always competing with a saturated field. Also, because they run based on a for profit model, they may be seen as more callous than the many non-profits that are available in the healthcare landscape.


This company has created a business model that is likely the envy of all other like businesses in its immediate area. VNA-TIP has been able to thrive in a business climate that has caused many such businesses to fold. It is likely that because they have adopted a for-profit stance since 1997, they have created a company which will continue the ability to grow. The opportunity for this company to not only continue its growth but to expand its service offerings is unmatched in its service area. VNA-TIP is also able to offer its employees better packages than nonprofit companies which must slight employees to offer competitive services to needy clients. Thus, the prospects of this company continue to be very promising.

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