Business Scenario: Expansion in Kava Essay

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Business Ethics Scenario -- Expansion to Kava

According to our instructions, the mandate we must follow is to increase the company presence in Kava. The primary objective is to benefit this company in a manner that also confers some meaningful benefit to the people of Kava. The government and various other entities in Kava also apparently hope to benefit by virtue of our establishing what they have referred to as our "business culture" in Kava.

In principle, we must identify the optimal use of company resources to generate profit for the organization and benefit our society in the U.S. In some symbiotic rather than parasitic relationship with the people of Kava and the nation as a whole. After identifying viable possible strategies for achieving that objective, the next issue will be determining a fair and equitable sharing of economic benefits after expenses.

To the extent the Kava government hopes to emulate U.S. business models and organizational structure and operations, it would seem that providing assistance would naturally benefit the Kava people. However, to the extent the Kava government (and other entities) hope to emulate the negative aspects of modern American business culture of excess and exploitation of the lower classes by the wealthier and more powerful, our providing the assistance requested could have a detrimental rather than a beneficial effect on the Kava people.

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Implementing modern organizational processes and applying modern human resource principles should be well within our ability to accomplish. Therefore, our most important functions in pursuing our objectives is to maximize the benefit to the company, share in proceeds fairly with the Kava people, and make every reasonable attempt to encourage the Kava government to emulate our modern approach to public welfare and an implement an appropriately paternalistic and socially concerned approach toward incorporating our methods into Kava society.

Organizational Processes, Human Resources, and Ethics

Essay on Business Scenario: Expansion in Kava Assignment

Undoubtedly, the application of modern organizational processes, organizational structure, operational management, and strategic planning principles would be tremendously beneficial to any organizational presence in Kava. Naturally, any of our facilities would apply the same concepts that characterize our domestic and other foreign operations. The Kava government could also benefit greatly from our comparatively sophisticated approach to government operations and public administration.

However, this raises potential ethical concerns over the capacity for harm to the Kava people. More specifically, the Kava people are much more vulnerable to exploitation (including… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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