Business Scenario on Parent Company Fedex Thesis

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Business Scenanario on Parrent Company FedEx

Pacific Express in Kava

Setting the basis for the new Federal Express office in Kava is a more challenging task than initially assumed. For once, there is a growing need for a more organized and well structured logistics system -- this element is pivotal in any economic entity, but even more so with PacEx (Pacific Express), since delivering packages and general logistics represents the main focus of its business operations. Then, another issue is given by the necessity to train people, which is sadly expected to generate some shortages. The desire to train the indigenous population and introduce it to the concepts of organizational culture, as forwarded in the western parts of the globe, represents, in its essence, a main reason as to why the local government has asked FedEx to open a subsidiary within their island. Aside this however, the delivery organization has chosen to operate in the region due to the long-term economic benefits for both parties (Kava and FedEx).

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The current aim of PacEx is that of expanding its operations beyond its original contract with Star Semiconductors Inc. Actual strategies to achieving this desiderate include numerous marketing efforts which promote the services offered by the company. For instance, it is necessary to create a marketing campaign aiming at increasing the customer palette for the FedEx services in Kava. The efforts would have the expected outcome of increasing the customer base, the popularity of the organization and the demand for its services. The marketing campaign -- the main tool of the efforts to expand the PacEx operations in Kava, would be constructed on the following principles:

it would promote the values of the organization: people, service, innovation, responsibility and loyalty (FedEx Website, 2009)

Thesis on Business Scenario on Parent Company Fedex Assignment

it would promote the high quality of the services offered it would include testimonies of satisfied customers; this segment of the campaign would strive to focus on the diversity of the FedEx customers, sending the message that the company can help regardless of the customers' field of action or interest (FedEx Multimedia Center, 2009)

it would be promoted on various channels, such as television, radio and internet advertisements, but also communications with the target market through interviews in televised programs and specialized journals and magazines in the local media (Canwell, 1998)

Once the logistics and marketing parts of the business are handled, it is necessary to address the matter of the human resources. This constitutes the pillar of not just the expansion desire, but also the business success in its own. As it was previously mentioned however, the activity of working with the local employees is expected to raise some challenges. A first of these limitations is given by the local history of Kava in the meaning that the island only regained its independence three years ago. This translates into the fact that democracy is a fairly estranged concept, the population is generally used to being subjected and the employee in Kava will reveal several differences from the staff members in the western societies. With… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Business Scenario on Parent Company Fedex Thesis

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