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Business School Admissions -- Appeal would like the Business School to be aware of several compelling factors regarding my candidacy for the school that were not present in my original application and several factors regarding my personal history that were not, I believe, adequately emphasized in my initial appeal to be admitted to the business school.

I believe that as a candidate for the business school, I have a tremendous amount of intercultural and ethical knowledge to bring to any prospective business class I may become a part of during the rest of my time as a student. As a girl, I saw my father unjustly stand accused of corrupt business practices. Through his example and my own observations, I learned a great deal about the often-acceptable level of corruption of industry in China, as well as many other nations in the world, through my father's personal struggles with injustice and my own curious observations about sliding standards of ethics and the need for honesty and forthrightness in global business.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Business School Admission Appeal Assignment

These witnessed experiences, as well as my overall environment as a child has given me a high level of cultural intelligence and sensitivity to different business cultural practices. There is a need to combine cultural sensitivity with a demand for solid ethical base when a company is doing business with other states and nations around the world. My experiences and convictions would make my voice and opinions an asset to any classroom I am a part of -- I know how different, and often how difficult business can be in different cultural environments and some of the dangers of cultural miscommunication. My father's example, as well as the other examples of different cultural environments and ethical mores of the global business world have provided me with real life 'case studies' of ethical differences between nations, and how the law can be wielded both as an effective ethical tool and an arm of a corrupt state, as it has been quite frequently in China. Additionally, the time I have spent over the past five months reviewing business case studies, such as those provided by the McKinsey Consulting company on the World Wide Web have confirmed the relevancy of my past knowledge and experience.

I would also like to stress that I believe that my scientific c background in genetics, rather than showing a divergence from an interest in business… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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