Business Strategies Home Building Market: Models, Strategy Thesis

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Business Strategies

Home building market: Models, strategy, and segments

Business models

Risk mitigation has become more important in the new home building market, although real estate is always risky. Builders are carrying smaller inventories and looking for a more financially stable customer base as well as selling more modest homes that are easier to 'move' in these economically anxious times (Vogel 2008).

Some residential builders are diversifying and expanding into commercial properties or innovative homes, such as green homes to combat the oversaturated market through higher-volume sales to different consumer bases. Labor, materials, and fuel is cheap so a 'low cost' model is appropriate in some areas as people are scaling back their lifestyles.

Presenting a trustworthy image, given the lack of trust pervading the industry, is also essential, so some builders are focusing on specific communities and focusing on making themselves into local, friendly businesses.

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TOPIC: Thesis on Business Strategies Home Building Market: Models, Strategy, Assignment

Reducing overhead costs: now that every penny counts, emphasizing the Internet to advertise homes and cut out the costs of 'middlepersons' in the form of local realtors can be… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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