Business Strategy Commonly Refereed Term Paper

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Jay Herbert, in his article "Where have all the Smiles Gone?" writes,

Whether the item is a high-tech one like a semiconductor chip or the lowest of the low-tech1/4" hex nut-supply and demand theory still operates today. And there is simply too much fastener production capacity in the world for the current demand. Thus inventories grow and prices drop.

In right to work states, specific jobs can become repetitive, redundant, and some unions do not allow workers to move from one sector of production from another. Inflexible unions in right-to-work states can actually prohibit the implementation of JIT, as well as other new ideas and theories. Although higher prices could ultimately benefit the worker through better benefits and higher wages, it is sometimes hard to initiate, especially in a tight economy where skilled, reliable workers are difficult to find.

Moving jobs overseas, where the labor market is not so tight and the labor unions are not as strong may seem like a good answer. However, this is not always the case. Moving jobs overseas can increase costs. Furthermore, many companies require skilled labor that can only be found in any quantities in the west.

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New ideas can be difficult to implement, but the rewards can be great, as the Hewlett-Packard found out when it implemented JIT theory. There are many stumbling blocks in implementing any new business idea, such as cost, time, habits, and resistance to academic ideas, or labor itself. There are ways around these problems, however, and if carefully thought out, the rewards can be great for companies that are willing to take calculated risks by spending the time, money and other resources to work around the issues.

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TOPIC: Term Paper on Business Strategy Commonly Refereed to Assignment

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