Case Study: Cafeteria Food in My Community High School

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¶ … cafeteria food in my community high school has not been up to standard for some time. The menus were not only unimaginative, but also significantly unhealthy. The menus include a large amount of fried foods, with often overcooked vegetables. The drinks normally comprise of a choice of carbonated sodas. The problem is that both students and their parents are increasingly health conscious. While they are being taught good eating habits at home, students are not given healthy choices at school. Students have attempted to complain to personnel numerous times. The school paper even featured an article regarding the cafeteria food. Parents have also talked to the school board, continued promises to address the matter have remained just that - promises.

A group of five students then decided to take matters into their own hands. To make a point regarding the lack of health in the cafeteria food choices, these students released a number of cockroaches into the kitchen. This was done one night, when the students broke into the kitchen and released a number of cockroaches into the food supply.


The most immediate impact was to the kitchen staff. Considerable upset was caused among employees who found the cockroaches first, when attempting to begin food preparation for the day. Secondarily, children were impacted, as food was of course now even more unsafe than the case was normally. The kitchen staff were obliged to order a fresh supply of food from the local supplier. This impacted the school, as a considerable monetary investment was lost due to the food that had to be destroyed.

The impact on the culprits themselves related to admitting to the perpetration of the "crime" and facing the consequent punishment. As the aim of the act was to make a point regarding the health impact of cafeteria food, the group readily admitted to the act. They also submitted a petition explicating the reasons for their actions, and their desire for a healthier selection of nutrition during the school day. The petition had been signed by more than half of the student body.

Disciplinary Action

The leader of the group was suspended from school for a week, while the other four received detention for the same period of time. The headmaster and staff felt that this was appropriate punishment for the danger and discomfort caused not only to the staff, but also to the students themselves. On the day in question, students had to wait longer for their food, as the supplier needed time to complete the extensive order.

The headmaster and staff also saw fit to contact the parents of each perpetrator for a conference regarding the actions of their children. The main aim of this conference was… [END OF PREVIEW]

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