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[. . .] The most significant Creole contribution has been the Zydeco, "a distinctly black Creole music known for its blending of French songs and African-Caribbean rhythms," and heavily influenced the Deep South rhythm and blues (Louisiana Pp). Cajun and Creole music have contributed much to the state's culture, including Cajun dance music, with two-steps, waltzes, and haunting ballad; Creole Zydeco music, with its African influence; and beginning in the early 1950's, a unique cultural mix created a regional variation of rhythm and blues music called 'swamp pop' that has become common throughout South Louisiana (Louisiana Pp). Swamp pop is a combination of rhythm and blues with Cajun and black Creole music, and country and western, and is characterized by a strong horn section and honky-tonk piano (Louisiana Pp). Dance halls abound with Cajun and Creole music for tourists and locals alike (Louisiana Pp).

Lafayette, Louisiana, host to the Le Cajun Music Awards Festival and the Southwest Louisiana Zydeco Festival, is the heartbeat of Acadia and where one truly feels the pulse of Cajun Country with its cultural blends of unique heritage and contemporary sophistication (Lafayette Pp). "Born out of the enduring spirit of the Acadians and Creoles, Cajun and Zydeco music is as much a part of the landscape as meandering bayous and moss-draped oaks" (Lafayette Pp).

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