Cam Therapy Herbal or Botanical Medicines Term Paper

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Herbal or Botanical Medicine

Herbal Medicines Pose Health Risk to Millions in Asia. By Sifferlin, A.

Herbal or botanical medicines are increasingly being used today. There are various articles as well as scholarly journals that have been written on herbal medicine. This paper will analyze two magazine articles and two scholarly journals on herbal medicines.

Herbal Medicines Pose Health Risk to Millions in Asia

The article talks of a particular herbal remedy that was banned in U.S.A and European countries but still being used in Asia. There was a connection made by researchers on an epidemic of kidney on women in Belgium that had been using herbal medicine to lose their weight. The kidney problems were attributed to Aristolochic acid belonging to birthwort plants. This is an agent that is used to treat arthritis, asthma and weight loss. Despite the fact that herbs containing aristolochic acid have been banned some people are still being exposed particularly in Asia. Researchers found that herbal medicines that contain the acid are still being purchased online. The reason the article was written was to provide a diagnostic classification aristolochic acid nephropathy which is a kidney failure that is associated with the acid. It finally gives a caution to users indicating that active agents in these herbal medicines can change. This article generally show the fact that despite the knowledge of some effects of herbal medicine they are still in use (Sifferlin, 2013 ).

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TOPIC: Term Paper on Cam Therapy Herbal or Botanical Medicines Assignment

There are many people who run to herbal medicine for treatment of aches and pains, boosting of immune system or mood improvement. The fact that herbal medicines are seen as natural and healthy options as compared to conventional medications very few people as questions of the safety of herbal medicines. Those who purchase herbal medicines are seen to be at risk health problems as warned by specialists. For instance women using black cohosh for menopause symptoms suffer liver damages that are severe. This led to new rules that are designed to protect consumers from herbal medicines that are unregulated. The article highlights on some supplements that are seen to have effects when used, these are such as agnus castus with side effects like acne, gastrointestinal upsets and rashes. Devils claws, Echinacea, pelargonium, Rhodiola, Valerian and such like have been noted to present various side effects. This article generally enlightens people not to blindly use herbal medicine rather they should find out if they have any side effects before they use them ( Symons, 2013).

University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC)

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