Creative Writing: Campbell's Notion of the Heroic

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[. . .] We as soldiers knew exactly what we were getting ourselves into. I have said it a thousand times, "God, I hate this place the country is horrible!" I have heard it a million times more. "This place sucks!" In quieter moments, I have heard more intense things; "Doc Izzo, this is a thousand times worse than I ever thought it would be." The best one yet, "I hope Bush dies. What was he thinking, having us come over here for no reason. Well, we are all sick of only getting three hours of sleep a day, and doing crazy patrols to Baghdad."

Bro! It's crazy seeing Iraq's using their children as human shields. It is so sad to see little kids used as pawns just to win this war. I am sick of my friends shooting innocent civilians just because they are up under disguise. The heat over here in unbearable somedays, you can actually fry an egg in this heat! My comrades are homesick and it becomes depressing seeing them lose hope and at times it feels as though they are losing their minds. I know I am always mentioning in my other letters that our level one aid station always looks like a combat support hospital (CSH) and we are so overwhelmed! Well, it is true. Even our Battalion Commander and Command Sergeant Major, both men whom we admire, were hit with an Improvised-Exploding Device (IED) on the way to Camp Cook (about three hours north of us). They are okay but the Private that helped carry them was hit and was sent to Germany.

I didn't want to tell you that on that same day we were almost taken captive. Yea, can you believe that? Your brother was about to be taken hostage by the enemy. It was close but our squadron fought them off but barely. We came under attack suddenly Bro! It was like a thief in the night but we fought our butts off. Completely caught us off guard. It was a scary time and to be honest with you, I almost thought that day would've seriously been my last.

Oh yea, forgot to tell you, remember Charley Anderson? The one who worked with me in the hospital a few weeks back. He was our neighbor back home a few years back. Then again you probably don't remember him but I saved his life during that day along with his twin brother. You know I don't like to talk about taking the taking of another man's life but there was no choice that day. Everything happened so fast. The enemy broke in on us in the hospital and the next thing I know, lots of gunfire Charley yelling! Ugh, Sean I'm down! Well, I will leave the rest up to your imagination. You know I don't like getting into detail. As I said before, taking of another man's life does not feel good, even if it is the enemy. Hey, kid brother, don't get too caught up with the fantasy of these wars you watch on TV that make it seem like it is fun and games because believe me, it is very far from it. Well, anyway, after that attack everybody calls me a hero for saving Charley and a few others but hey, the real heroes are the ones who have lost their lives not me. Well, I guess I will end it here. I will write you later.

Your Brother


In the heroic Monmouth theory, Campbell starts off with the call to adventure. The hero starts off in ordinary circumstances of normality from which some news is received that acts as a clarion call to take up sword and head off into the unknown. This is what Sean had to do in the myth. His obligation as a soldier called him off to war and really out of his comfort zone. The information may be a problem, a challenge or request. It critically acts to trigger desire, whether this is to win the hand of a lady, recover a lost object or defeat Ming the Merciless. [END OF PREVIEW]

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