Camping, as a Recreational Activity Term Paper

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286; Koch & Koch).

Fortunately, campers today have a wide range of equipment to choose from, which is designed to make camping a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Such equipment includes a range of leakproof tents; lightweight stoves that run on a variety of fuels; no-stick cookware; strong but light, and ergonomically designed backpacks; insulated sleeping bags; and specially prepared freeze dried and instant food for campers (Millers; Shivers & Shivers, p. 287-288).

Besides the right equipment, preparation for a camping trip also includes learning basic first-aid skills and the art of well-mapped hiking and camping expeditions. For, such planning is essential in the interests of both safety and comfort. In addition, meticulous planning ensures that sufficient time is made available for pleasures such as bird watching, nature studies, or simply watching scenery that is untouched by human civilization (Koch & Koch).

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Of course, joining a camp that is run by professionals can shift much of the planning responsibility onto the shoulders of camp managers or counselors, while still deriving all the enjoyment and benefits of camping. In fact, according to Mason & Mitchell (p. 397), private camps, especially those that are run for eight weeks, have the opportunity to pursue carefully designed objectives within an overall program of recreational, educational, and personality molding activities and guidance. Such objectives can include fostering an appreciation for nature-oriented activities. Indeed, if the camp's organizers are thorough professionals, it is likely that campers will come to understand their ecological role in nature and thereby develop a sense of environmental responsibility (Shivers & Shivers, p. 2).

TOPIC: Term Paper on Camping, as a Recreational Activity, Assignment

In fact, the significance of educating campers to appreciate and use natural resources wisely cannot be emphasized enough in the light of issues such as global warming and the importance of maintaining nature's delicate ecological balance. In any case, campers need to learn to respect the very environment that gives them so much pleasure, especially since the recreational activity of camping now attracts more than 120 million people each year (Shivers & Shivers, p. 2).

Thus, while camping is a highly enjoyable and rewarding activity, it is also one that involves developing a deep respect for the natural environment. Wilderness backpackers, in particular, must also learn to develop a healthy respect for the risks and dangers that are inevitably lurking in the wilderness. Indeed, this is the reason why first-aid and emergency survival kits are a mandatory item for all campers, even those who are attached to large camping groups (Shivers & Shivers, p. 275).

In conclusion, camping may appear to be all about fun, adventure and communing with nature. But a review of camping literature makes it evident that there is far more to camping than meets the eye. For, this form of recreation offers the opportunity to develop a range of skills that are essential to the development of a healthy personality, and indeed, human society. Therefore, it is not surprising that an increasing number of people are now turning to the magic of camping (Mason & Mitchell, p. 395).

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