Movie Review: Candidate the Movie

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The movie the Candidate is about the son of a former Governor using his name recognition to win a Senate race. He is supposed to have no chance of attracting any popular support. What happens is; Bill McKay decides to run against an incumbent Senator (named Croker Jarmon). In the process, he is allowed to say whatever he wants. This is because he has no realistic possibility of winning the election in opposition to someone who is so admired. ("The Candidate")

However, as the film progresses, is when different ideas are introduced. That are designed to signify the campaign strategy and how it allowed McKay to win. This is despite the overwhelming odds he is facing in the process. To fully understand what is occurring requires focusing on the campaign strategy that is used, how it relates to today's elections, the importance of name recognition / the incumbency effect and the similarities of the Senate campaign with the last Governors race in the state of New York. Together, these elements will highlight the underlying messages of the film and how it is relevant in today's political climate. ("The Candidate")

The connections to the campaign strategy used in the movie and the way today's campaigns are run

The basic campaign strategy is McKay can only question the establishment when he is not a threat to Jamon. However, once he becomes a serious challenger, is the point when he must move away from these tactics. This is occurs during a debate where both candidates agree to follow a format which is focused on preapproved answers to the questions. Yet, McKay changes his mind and follows the same style he utilized throughout the campaign. This helps to increase his popularity and he closes the gap with Jamon. These tactics are showing how today's campaigns are focused on maintaining a certain image at all times. This is accomplished by having them follow a… [END OF PREVIEW]

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