Cannibal by Michael Montaigne Term Paper

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All of this brings me to the question, are all social practices equally valid, good, true, beautiful? Should we never judge other people's culture? Are there no absolutes?

Is everything relative? Some radical postmodern theorists would agree that this is true. And on some level, everything we feel is 'correct' has its root in cultural assumptions and stereotypes. Even the profound American confidence in individualism and freedom is not universal. Some European nations prize the value of socialism and the welfare of the community equally as much as the American ideal of 'don't tread on me.' In other words, even in the so-called developed world, what is considered to be true is actually a cultural product and is nationally contextual. What is beautiful has famously shifted from age to age, as the beauty of a modernist Picasso painting or the spare architecture of a Frank Lloyd Wright design would be hideous in the eyes of a Victorian aesthete.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Term Paper on Of Cannibal by Michael Montaigne Assignment

But taken to its logical conclusion, radical relativism… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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