Cannibal Tours Is a Deep Essay

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Lesser summed up Boas' aforementioned book in the following way, " several of the theses of the book The Mind of Primitive Man, taken together, establish the relative autonomy of cultural phenomena, showing that there are no independent variables on which the cultural is dependent " (p.7).

Lesser continued his article by pointing out some dissenting scientists towards Boas' approach to anthropology. The division of the British School of anthropology and the American School of anthropology are mentioned to demonstrate the polarizing effects of Boas' work towards a general understanding. Lesser's article concluded by mentioning some of Boas' social works as they related to post World War II politics. His contributions towards Americanizing former Nazi scientists was specifically mentioned as a major event.


Anthropology is an art. Artistic interpretation is necessary to fully comprehend a science that includes so many variables. Unlike a science such as mathematics, where rules are explicitly expressed in law and theory, the study of human cultures is slightly less rigid. The true art in anthropology comes through only when imagination and creative impulse are merged with scientific methods and routine. Although it appears valid to equivocate anthropologists as artists, this essay will explore some of the possible points of argument in regards to where these two groups may differ.

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Spradley's commentary on the importance of participant observation highlighted important points about subjectivity, relationship and awareness. The author suggested that anthropologists must "widen the lens" of their consciousness to be objective in the practice of ethnography. Understanding how to act like you belong in your environment while simultaneously creating an alter ego personality to document your actions will make an effective and efficient participant observer according to the author.

Essay on Cannibal Tours Is a Deep Assignment

Reaching the ability to master this skill takes considerable amount of effort or technique. It can be argued that the artist does the same mental processing of expanding awareness through the manipulation of some sort medium with a stylized technique. The main difference between an artist and anthropologist in this case would be the motive. Good anthropology can certainly be described as art, while good art will make anthropology more interesting and emotional. The relationship between anthropology and art are defined by their intent.

Intention guides the true meaning of any practice. An artistic rendition of an ancient dance can also be studied as anthropology as well. Anthropology itself becomes part of anthropology by showcasing the need to document and intellectualize all that humanity does. This process appears to demand some objectivity and less artistic input. Only in this manner does true art and science differ from each other. Artistic interpretation and anthropological investigation are very similar practices taken from an external and objective view. Both are expressing the meaning of their experiences with only variance in the levels of formalities involved. These differences in purpose are… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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