Cape Verde Project Responsibility Matrix Initial Planning/Design Essay

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Cape Verde Project

Responsibility Matrix

Initial Planning/Design: John Smith/Frank Tower, in coordination with Ted Rivers.

Design Adjustments and Approval: Dakar Yoff with local authorities; Smith/Tower/Rivers

Feasibility and Profitability Assessment: Samantha Holiday and Daisy Debit

Final Design Adjustements: Smith/Tower/Rivers with Holiday/Debit

Final Design Approval: Yoff and authorities; Smith/Tower/Rivers

Construction: Smith/Tower

Oversight: Yoff/Debit

Staffing: Debit

Approval in all areas: Self

Communication Plan

All staff will report directly to the project leader (self) on a regular (daily) basis for progress updates. Communication between team members will shift in focus and regularity during different project phases, based on the shared responsibilities as demonstrated in the responsibility matrix and the work breakdown structure. Direct communications between team members will be facilitated by a centralization of planning procedures and leader-present meetings and/or conference calls during approval sessions and as other issues may arise. This will not replace or reduce the level of responsiveness and communication to the project leader, which will still take place independently on a daily basis.


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TOPIC: Essay on Cape Verde Project Responsibility Matrix Initial Planning/Design: Assignment

There are several environmental factors that will effect all phases of the planned development on Cape Verde. The economy of the island nation has long been depressed due to a lack of natural resources, including periods of severe drought leading to continual water supply issues (CIA 2010). While the proposed development will most likely be welcomed as an economic boon to the nation, resource procurement during construction and operation could prove expensive and problematic. The importation of food to support the already-existent tourism industry might also create some resistance to further developments such as that in the current plan (CIA 2010). This can be mitigated by the promise of employment and making more complete use of natural food sources that can be combined with tourism endeavors -- specifically, endeavors to exploit the under-developed fishing and lobster populations that exist off the island could operate separately as commercial pursuits and "adventure" tourism projects, increasing local food production and profit (USDOS 2010).

A strong sense of cultural identity is evident in Cape Verdean populations both with in the nation and abroad, but the nature of this identity is likely to be of great service to the proposed project. The discovery of the island group some five hundred and fifty years ago is remembered as an achievement of diversity and exploration among the island's populous, and the same spirit could be sued to market the concept… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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