Car Pollution and Environment Global Essay

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Moreover, it was also reported that the major contributor of air pollution is vehicles. It has been established by many medical researches that the emissions produced by the vehicles on the roads are responsible for making the heart and lung diseases worse for the people. Those who are suffering from asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema or any other disease associated with the respiratory or the cardiovascular system tend to suffer more from car pollution than the people who are otherwise healthy and normal. On the other hand, these emissions are also known to aggravate diseases like ischemic heart disease and congestive heart failure. The particles that are there in the environment have detrimental effects on the health of the children as well as the elderly as they often complain of excessive cough and also experience shortness of breath. This is because of the deposition and accumulation of the particulate matter that is present in the emissions of the working engines of the vehicles.

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As we all know that one of the largest killers the world over is cancer. Needless to say, car pollution plays a major role in causing this disease in millions of people every year. One of the pollutants that are emitted in the environment by the vehicles is benzene. Many researches have taken place that has established a relationship between leukemia and benzene. Leukemia is one of the most dangerous cancers of the human body. They kill the cells of the body that are responsible for the immune responses against the different infections and micro-organisms. Moreover, benzene also lowers the overall immunity of the human body that decreases its defense against the tumors that develop in different parts of the body. On the other hand, the polycyclic hydrocarbons have also been labeled as carcinogenic.

TOPIC: Essay on Car Pollution and Environment Global Assignment

The aforementioned were the only the main health hazards pertaining to the emission of dangerous gases by the vehicles. There are many other health hazards that are associated with the pollutants that are emitted into the environment. It has been reported that these pollutants affect the coronary system of the heart as well as the blood. The clotting tendency of the blood is increased which can lead to thrombosis and stroke. The clot can also block the blood vessels of the heart and other organs like brain and kidney, which can be fatal or at least paralyzing for the people who are affected. Moreover, a relation between these pollutants and anemia has also been established. This is because these pollutants alter the metabolism of the red blood cells, especially lead, by altering the activities of the enzymes that are there in the cells. Lead binds to the active sites of these enzymes and inhibits them irreversibly. The red blood cells with the altered metabolism are destroyed by the spleen resulting in anemia in the people who are affected. The complications of anemia include breathlessness, palpitations, systolic murmurs, lethargy and weakness. These people also appear pale and in severe cases are unable to perform their normal functions.

How to prevent car pollution?

As stated earlier, the condition and quality of air has improved over the years because of the awareness that has been created among people of the society as well as the drivers. People are now well aware of the fact that every time they drive on the road, they are contributing towards air pollution that has detrimental effects on the health of the people and the environment. Moreover, the manufacturers of the cars and the engineers are also modifying the designs of the cars and their parts in a way that they would cause minimum pollution. Moreover, there are constant studies going on regarding the discovery of the alternatives fuel rather than gasoline whose burning is mainly responsible for the pollution in the air. Also, the fluids that were being used in the vehicles are being replaced by other, less toxic ones to prevent air pollution.

There is an ever increasing need for the people to have knowledge about the alternative fuels. More and more people need to be educated on this subject. There are many cars that are now being designed and manufactured with alternative use of fuels and methods that can be used to power the cars. Some of these methods that are being extensively worked on include the use of biodiesel, electric-powered hybrid cars and the use of natural gas as fuel. People are encouraged to learn more about the availability, convenience and cost of these fuels so that they can avoid the contribution of pollutants in the air.

If people want to save their health and this planet, they need to consider driving less. This does not mean that one should be pushed back into the Stone Age times and start using animals as a means of transport, but this only means that people should avoid driving when it is not important or necessary. They should use bicycles and public transportation, instead of every person using his or her own car. People can also walk to the places that are close by and do not really require the use of a car. Moreover, car-pool can also help the people who are trying to avoid car pollution.

Once people realize what threat they are posing to the environment while driving around, they should always consider planning their trips. No one would disagree to this that each one of us does a lot of unnecessary driving. Therefore, people should be careful every time they take out their cars and they should plan their trips. This way it becomes possible for us to cut down on the number of trips that we make. We just drive back and forth, for unnecessary reasons just because our trips are not planned and thus add to the car pollution. We should also use the knowledge that we have about energy and fuel efficiency so that we can save our money, gas, time and minimize the effects on the environment.

It has also been established that the cars that are not maintained well are the ones that contribute the most towards air pollution. Therefore, we should also take care of our cars and take the cars to the mechanics regularly for tune-ups that also includes the changing of the air and oil filters.

The tires of the cars should also be kept inflated and the speed of the car should be kept in the speed limits. Cruise mode should be used when driving on the highway. By taking care of our cars, we can not only prevent the environment from getting polluted and saving our money as well by being fuel efficient.

Despite of all the aforementioned steps that should be taken to reduce the environmental hazards of car pollution, the most important ones that need emphasis are the awareness campaigns that need to be carried out by the environmentalists. These campaigns should include counseling of the people, making them realize that by acting on the provided guidelines, they can prevent the hazards of car pollution on their health and the environment as well. Moreover, they can also save their money.

It is also the responsibility of the government to take appropriate steps for the prevention of the car pollution. The governments of all the countries should make their public transport systems better so that people do not have to use their own cars when they go out. They should also limit the amounts of cars that one person is allowed to have. Also, incentives should be given to the manufacturers of the cars so that they can design and work on designs that are more fuel efficient.

Furthermore, alternative fuels should be worked on so that the use of gasoline, diesel and petrol can be decreased. Apart from this, a survey should be carried out to estimate the number of old cars that are being used by people, since these cars have systems that are not environmental friendly. The people who own old cars should be convinced to either make these cars "green" cars or get new ones, because in the old cars the fluids used are very toxic to the ozone layer. Another step that needs to be taken at state level is that every time any person buys a new car, he or she should get it registered at a place where it can be tested for its fuel consumption and other things that could be associated with environmental pollution.

Those of us who are not very compliant with the steps that should be taken to avoid car pollution should plant at least one try every now and then so that the effects of the pollutants that they contribute to the environment can be minimized and our mother earth can be… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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