Carbon Footprint Qantas Essay

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Many customers are not sufficiently acquainted with these systems to use them comfortably and as a result some customers are frequently late to flights which results in operational inefficiencies.

Finding New Innovation

To operate sustainably in such economically and environmentally challenging times, Qantas will undoubtedly have to focus on innovation. Reducing weight can only do so much to improve efficiencies in the short-term and eventually they will have to think in more of a long-term perspective. Even though the airline industry in general is achieving higher fuel efficiencies and reducing other pollutants that are emitted in the atmosphere, the total number of flyers is also expanding which increases the overall emission levels. Therefore, Qantas must have a short-term, medium term, and long-term strategy for achieving levels of sustainability in the organization.

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While reducing weight and making other efficiencies more salient represents a short-term strategy, in the medium term Qantas is going to have to start replacing older and less efficient planes with more modern and comparably more energy efficient equipment. The newer plane models offer significantly higher energy efficiencies and this technology is also increasing rapidly. Since the technology is evolving so quickly this also presents a timing challenge since the longer that the organization waits the better the efficiency levels will be. In the long-term, Qantas will have to begin to look into alternative fuel sources. Some companies are already experimenting with biofuels and ethanol blends which could significantly reduce greenhouse gas emission associated with aviation dramatically.

TOPIC: Essay on Carbon Footprint Qantas Carbon Footprint Assignment

Another solution would be to offer more customizable solutions in the ecotourism industry. Qantas could look to expand both horizontally and vertically in this niche to provide innovative new destinations and vacation packages that are associated with environmental and habitat conservation. This would not only boost environmental education but would also allow travelers an option to make their vacations sustainable. The trips could also be bundled with carbon offset packages to address the emissions that the travelers would be responsible for on their vacation. One idea would be to have a travelers club that promotes a new environmentally focused destination periodically. It is reasonable to believe that Qantas could generate customer loyalty for such a program within the environmentally conscious consumer niche. They could then integrate their dedication to these causes and destinations as a foundation of their corporate social responsibility program which into would add value to their customers.

The airline industry in general has an uncertain future at best. On the one hand, competitors want to increase market share and profitability. However, to do so this requires additional customers which in turn adds to additional pollution that contributes to climate change. Aviation is the fastest growing emitter of greenhouse gases due to the fact that the customer base keeps growing exponentially as more and more people can afford to pay ticket prices. So on one hand the increases in potential customers also increases potential revenues however if the industry keeps expanding it is reasonable to suspect that it will face increased regulations and potential a price on carbon emissions that would also raise prices to the consumers and drive down demand. Qantas must make aggressive moves to lower the emissions associated with their fleet quickly and effectively.

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