Business Plan: Cardboard Factory in Jeddah

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[. . .] The company will follow efforts to hire Saudis, especially for managerial roles, but is willing to hire foreign workers to contain costs and to fill requirements for manual labor positions. All workers must be fluent in Arabic and all managers must also have a working knowledge of English.


The location of the factory is close to industrial areas in Jeddah and along the Red Sea coast, and these areas will be the main target market initially. The market size is significantly more than the expected output of the factory. Jeddah is a historic trade centre and a major port, and so there are also opportunities to export our cardboard to other, nearby countries like Egypt, Jordan, Ethiopia, through the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean markets or across the Arabian Peninsula to Riyadh and the Gulf States. Marketing is primarily going to be done on the basis of strong relationships of the management team with other manufacturing and trading concerns in the region. The company has set a goal to be at 80% capacity in the first year, thereby providing some funding for future expansion of capacity.


The size of the market is sufficient that this project has a high likelihood of success. Equipment for cardboard production is relatively easy and inexpensive to source, and to ship to Jeddah. Furthermore, there is ample labor supply in the area. The region has a large market for cardboard and is a strong trading centre as well, which provides even more opportunity for market growth. It is likely that we can meet our market objectives for the first year, and probably our financial ones as well.


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