Cardinal Health Case Study

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Cardinal Leadership Questions

Leadership is critical to defining a company's success, both internally and in its specific marketplace. Without question, leadership is a key determination of the reputation a company carries forward in its interactions with customers, investors and its community. In particular, leadership sets the ethical tone and the internal culture of an organization. Therefore, leadership that is ethically oriented and driven by a commitment to a core set of positive values will tend to proliferate these attitudes throughout. This means that members of the organization are likely to feel positive about their roles and stake in the company.

From my experience, this translates into higher morale and a sense of commitment to the company's overarching goals. This sense follows employees into their interactions with customers. The contrary, unfortunately, may also be true. I can recall working for an organization whose internal leadership was both prone to dishonest dealings with customers and unfair treatment of employees. The result was a low company-wide morale and, consequently, shabby treatment of customers. The company developed a reputation among its core target demographics for late delivery times, shoddy products and general incompetence. This reputation amply demonstrated how the core traits of leadership ultimately became the core traits defining the public impression of the company itself.

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TOPIC: Case Study on Cardinal Health Case Study Assignment

Often, a change in company culture will only come about after a major period of growth or in the wake of a significant crisis. In the case of the latter, an organization may be faced with massive scandal, leadership upheaval or economic instability. When this occurs, it is sometimes incumbent upon the organization to look within to determine the causes of its… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Cardinal Health Case Study

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