Cardiovascular Case Study

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Cardiovascular Case Study

hypertension: chronic elevated blood pressure diuretic: a substance/drug that causes the kidneys to engage in increased activity, causing more frequent urination/less fluid retention electrocardiogram: a measurement of the electrical activity in a heart, to test for problems/ensure stability myocardial infarction: "heart attack;" the blood vessels to the heart become blocked, and the heart ceases functioning/is greatly debilitated bypass surgery: involves the creation of a bypass of blocked arteries, allowing normal blood flow to regions supplied by blocked arteries sublingual: under the tongue; many drugs dissolve and are absorbed into the bloodstream effectively from this location angina: chest pain resulting from reduced blood flow to the heart angiogram: X-ray procedure that measures blood flow through an artery through the use of fluoroscopy (an injected substance that appears differently under X-ray) coronary arteries: blood vessels that supply the heart muscles angioplasty: the widening of an artery to restore normal blood flow atherosclerosis: the condition of hardened and clogged arteries brought about by the collection of fatty deposits on the interior blood vessel walls


The ST event likely represents ischemia, the condition brought about by the damage of tissue in the heart due to a lack of adequate blood supply, a precursor to/cause of the myocardial infarction.


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J.M.'s risk factors contributing to the infarction were his gain in weight, his high-fat and high-sodium diet, generally sedentary lifestyle, and family history of similar infarctions and heart/artery problems.


Case Study on Cardiovascular Case Study Assignment

The sympathetic nervous systems sends branches to many internal organs, also passing through (or connecting to nerves that pass through) parts of the body that… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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