Cardiovascular System 10 Diseases With Symptoms and Treatment Essay

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Cardiovacular System: 10 Diseases With Symptoms and Treatment

There are many different types of heart diseases. As such, there is a variety of symptoms that pertain to these diseases. Still, some diseases share the same symptoms and the same basic types of treatment. Others, however, have distinct symptoms and forms of treatment.

The principle symptom associated with coronary heart disease is chest pain. Other symptoms include a heart attack. Essentially, coronary heart disease results from a blockage of the coronary arteries. There are a variety of forms of treatment for this condition, which vary in efficacy due to the specific symptoms a patient endures and the stage of this disease in which he or she is in. Lifestyle changes can treat this condition, and include controlling one's weight, refraining from smoking, and engaging in regular exercise. There are also medications to lower cholesterol and options for surgery.

Some of the symptoms of the condition known as hypertensive heart disease include tiredness, putting on excess weight, shortness of breath, a feeling of bloating, as well as a large heart. Other symptoms include swollen ankles and nausea. Treatment includes detecting high blood pressure and taking a variety of measures to lower and control it. Lifestyle activities that can promote effective treatment include refraining from drinking alcohol, smoking, and staying at the proper weight. There are also certain narcotics one can take to manage this condition.

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Symptoms of heart failure include a swelling of one's legs, difficulty conducting physical exercise, and a shortness of breath. This condition is one in which the heart has difficulty pumping enough blood to properly suffuse the body. Treatments for heart failure include taking a number of oral medications, as well as making lifestyle adjustments to improve one's overall health. These adjustments may involve keeping one's weight down, and engaging in healthy eating habits.

TOPIC: Essay on Cardiovascular System 10 Diseases With Symptoms and Treatment Assignment

Arrhythmia is another heart disease in which the heart beats irregularly. It may beat either too slow or too fast. The primary symptom that is indicative of this condition is palpitations, in which a patient is acutely aware of his or her own heart beating. Dizziness and fainting are other symptoms. Some treatments for this condition include pacemakers and other regulators for the heart. There is also conventional oral medication and well as certain physical maneuvers.

Myocarditis is a disease in which there is inflammation close to the heart. Symptoms for this condition can involve chest pain, heart failure, palpitations and fever. Most treatment for this condition includes those that are directly aimed at counteracting the effects of symptoms. Treatment may call for simple bed rest, diuretics or digoxin. Inotropes and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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