Cardiovascular System Allows Humans Term Paper

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Because Scientific American is meant for average readers, the article does not contain any difficult-to-understand words, nor does it encompass a complete explanation of how the physiology of the cardiovascular system works. Instead, the information is easy to understand and is explained enough to grasp onto the main ideas. Details are scarce and the names of all the scientists involved in the projects have been omitted. The secondary source is also presented in a more opinionated format. There are quotes from reactions of the individuals who are both involved and/or excited about the scientific findings. The pictures shown are also very vague and are presented as aesthetic appeal instead of for informative purposes.

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Unlike Scientific American that presents information in a more common language format, the academic journal Nature does not do the same. Instead, their target audience is a more educated one. Therefore, the words and terms used throughout the article are more technical and complicated. The research article goes into the exact details of who, what, when, where, and how the research information was conducted and attained. The article also explains the physiological aspects of heart regeneration that was not even mentioned in Scientific American (2012). The layout is much less appealing and is more preoccupied with the presentation of the information than whether it will look appealing enough to catch people's attention. The images in the primary source are actual images of the research project. Graphs, tables, and microscopic images are presented as proof that their experiments truly showed what they are claiming it did. Most importantly, the primary source is intended to provide information to those who will know what to look for. An average person would not be able to grasp onto the rich content in the journal article because they lack in educational background to do so. However, anyone will be able to pick up Scientific American (2012) and understand the study's purpose and conclusion.


Smith, K. (2012) Heart Cells Can Be Coaxed to Regenerate at Low Rates. Scientific American.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Cardiovascular System Allows Humans to Assignment

Eulalio, A., Mano, M., Dal Ferro, M., Zentilin, L., Sinagra, G.,Zacchigna, S., & Giacca, M. (2012). Functional… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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