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As technologies have become more and more advanced, the philosophies of technology-based living for elderly patients have begun to prefer such patients living outside of hospital facilities as long as their conditions permit. More caretakers are suggesting more comfortable living environments, either at home or at assisted living facilities with the assistance of innovative technology in their strategy for care as an alternative to living in more traditional hospital settings.

This has been a development that has increased over the past ten years and will only continue to increase in the future, as technology continues to advance even more. In the next ten years, more advancement in technology will make it much easier for caretakers to care for elderly patients at home with the help of highly advanced technology that still allows the patient to receive the high quality of care they would receive at an actual hospital.

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Patients with dementia need to have some sort of stability in their lives in order to help ease their anxiety in various situations. The research illustrates how stressful getting medical care can be for patients with dementia, who may not truly understand what is going on. It is also true that "not every behavior can be reduced to a medical level."

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Even though moving a patient with dementia to a traditional hospital setting may increase the potential for higher quality care that does not always mean that it is increasing the quality of that patient's life. In fact, patients with dementia may actually see a reduction in the quality of their lives and of the status of their condition when being moved to an unfamiliar location or facility. Moving a patient with early dementia might only increase its onset because it will ultimately increase the level of confusion based on having to deal with an entirely new surrounding. It is important to allow patients with dementia to enjoy a level of comfort and familiarity as they combat the disease in their more vulnerable state.

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Thus, moving Irving to a different facility might only aggravate his increasing dementia. It may increase the confusion he may feel, especially in times where something is wrong or where he may need emergency treatment. It would be better to have him stat at the CCRC Assisted Living Facility, where he has been for six years and is familiar with his surroundings. Moreover, if Irving's dementia gets worse, it may also negatively affect Ruby. As she sees her husband of over 70 years get worse, her anxiety and depression may worsen. This would only be harder in an unfamiliar place, without friends or familiar faces. Thus, Ruby would also benefit from the two staying where they are. With their three children living out of state, the best place for them would be to remain at the facility they are in. If their daughters were closer, it would be easier to say that the couple could move back home with the help and care of their children. Yet, this is not an option, and as such it is best for them to stay at the facility where they are so actively involved in and have so many friends and acquaintances.


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