Career in Broadcast Journalism - News Anchor Term Paper

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Career in Broadcast Journalism - News Anchor

Description of the Career:

Skills Required:

Training and Education Required:

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Career in Broadcast Journalism - News Anchor

Description of the Career:

news anchor is one type of several news presenters. News presenters, generally, present information on news shows broadcast via television, the radio, or the Internet.

A news anchor is specifically an individual who presents material over the television, radio and increasingly the Internet. This material is typically prepared for the news anchor; however, at times, the news anchor may be forced to improvise their commentary, especially during live presentations of the news. In addition, many news anchors go beyond simply reading prepare material on air, but also write and/or edit their news materials for their programs. News anchors may be called upon to interview guests or moderate panels or discussions. Providing commentary for the audience during parades and other events is also the job of news anchors ("News Presenter").

Skills Required:

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There are a variety of skills required for those seeking to be a news anchor. First, and foremost, the individual must have outstanding reporting skills. In addition, they must have excellent on-air presentation skills. Live reporting skills are also typically essential to the job, as is excellent written and verbal communication skills. Because news anchors often report live, they must be able to think quickly and have strong problem solving abilities. In addition, the individual must be able to meet strict deadlines and be detail orientated. As in any career in journalism, a high-degree of ethics and standards is necessary to excel in the industry ("News Reporter").

Training and Education Required:

Term Paper on Career in Broadcast Journalism - News Anchor Assignment

Traditionally, a bachelor's degree in Journalism or Broadcast Communications, from an accredited university, is necessary to be a news anchor. However, there are other educational facilities that offer "reporter training," for a fee. These organizations usually focus on the core basics of how to work with a videographer, how to conduct interviews, how to write copy to B. roll and sound bites, narrating or 'tracking' a script, producing a professional news package, and journalistic standards and ethics ("Reporter Training").

Although employers typically look for an individual with a bachelor's degree in journalism or mass communication, they do occasionally hire graduates with other majors. Experience is a key step in training to be a news anchor and can include school newspapers, school broadcasting stations, and internships with news organizations. In some instances, a degree in a specific subject matter such as: economics, political science, or business is required.

More than 1,200 institutions offer programs in communications, journalism, and related programs. In 2004, 104 of these were accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications. About three-fourths of the courses in a typical curriculum are in liberal arts; the remaining courses are in journalism. Examples of journalism courses are introductory mass media, basic reporting and copy editing, history of journalism, and press law and ethics. Students planning a career in broadcasting take… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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