Career Choice Analysis the Education Research Paper

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Those that cannot afford to save the money, support their children into improving their sports performance in order to benefit from sports scholarships to top colleges in the country.

In addition to this, many seniors count on the financial aids they receive from the colleges and universities they enroll in. In such cases, students do not enroll in the colleges that can provide the best training, but in colleges that provide the financial aid required by students in order to be able to attend higher education. Therefore, the skills and abilities of each individual that should determine their educational and career choice become secondary to financial issues.

Cost and Benefits of Attending Higher Education

Attending higher education is in most situations a good thing. Higher education helps people that benefit from it to get better jobs, to have higher salaries, and to have other benefits from their employers in comparison with workers that do not have higher education. People with higher education can specialize in certain fields, which gives them an important advantage over other job candidates. This allows them to improve the position from which they negotiate with their employers.

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However, higher education is not the best solution for everyone. There are individuals for which higher education does not provide significant advantages. This is usually the case of entrepreneurs. Most of the wealthiest entrepreneurs do not have higher education, or they scored lousy in school. Their skills in innovating, in doing business, in running companies cannot be learnt in schools. They have great instincts when it comes to business. People that have studied in the best business schools cannot develop such skills. Therefore, it is necessary that students analyze themselves in order to determine whether higher education is the best solution for them, and if higher education can provide significant benefits for them professionally.

Research Paper on Career Choice Analysis the Education Assignment

There are also significant costs associated with attending higher education. Students select their college or university they enroll in based on the financial resources they require, and based on the aids these universities can provide their students. There are numerous situations where students cannot afford to attend their first choice school, and must enroll in schools that are able to aid them financially. One might consider that this system where students cannot attend the school they want because they do not afford it is not an equitable one. However, on a larger frame this is a correct system.

There are countries where most people can afford to go to a university. In these countries it is not expensive to attend higher education. People can afford it financially, and the academic requirements are not difficult to reach either. These are countries where individuals cannot differentiate among others. Most people have a university degree. This does not make them more fit for the work market in comparison with others. In these countries, it is also difficult for employers to select suited candidates, because all of them have a university degree.

Impact of Student Loan Rates Changing

In order to be able to attend higher education, most students apply for loans. The issue with these loans is that their rates are changing. This can significantly affect students' situation. They make certain calculations when they start such a loan. They establish the sums of money that they invest in their higher education, and make plans based on these figures. But if loan interest rates change, their plans cannot be respected. This produces uncertainty for most students, which is not necessarily the most productive state they could be in when attending their courses. The federal government is likely to lower interest rates on student loans. This can attract a higher number of students to higher education.


The college making decision is probably one of them most important decisions that people must make as young adults. This decision relies on numerous factors, some of them are social, others are psychological, but the factors that weigh the most when making this decision are economic factors. The costs of higher education, its affordability, and the financial aid that universities provide can significantly influence the college decision making. It is important that individuals analyze how their choice on higher education can help them in their jobs and how it can improve their productivity.

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