Career Counseling Using Social Cognitive Theory Research Paper

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Career Counseling Using Social Cognitive Theory

The case of Alex ultimately requires career counseling on two important components in his life: (1) adjusting to a new life with his family in North Carolina, and (2) providing direction to his career that has gradually stagnated in the past two (2) years. These two events in Alex's life are critical to strengthen the career counseling plan that will be developed. The career counseling plan will be anchored to Albert Bandura's Social Cognitive Theory.

Using the social cognitive theory as the platform from which the career counseling plan will be developed will help the counselor evaluate Alex's case based on the correct context, which is best determined through this theory. In social cognitive theory, the interplay between the individual and his/her social environment is the central focus, specifically on how the latter influences the individual's personality growth and development. According to Bandura, the proponent of the social cognitive theory, the theory "provides a conceptual scheme…based on the reciprocal interplay of personal attributes and the characteristics of the social milieus…People can make chance happen by pursuing an active life that increases the number of fortuitous encounters they are likely to experience (Bandura, 1999:11).

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Further into understanding Alex's current situation and psyche, social cognitive theory as applied in understanding and studying personalities take into account the fact that human personalities have the following characteristics: (i) has a tendency to self-organize, (ii) complex system's internal organization can give rise to coherent, stable patterns, and (iii) self-organization can take on any of a large variety of final forms (Cervone: 2001:35).

Research Paper on Career Counseling Using Social Cognitive Theory the Assignment

As a first step to helping Alex improve his perspective about his career is to help him strengthen his relationship with the immediate support groups he has in North Carolina, particularly his family. Involving his family as part of the 'solution' to Alex's… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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