Career Development Plan Summary Telenex Essay

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Human resources must take the responsibility of monitoring the system outcomes so that there is some assurance that all employees are being treated in a consistent and fair manner (Daniels, 2009). The team performance management should include a diversity initiative to achieve the best results.

Progressive Discipline System

Telenex has a progressive discipline policy which is a policy where each related event or incident produces a response that is more severe (Salvo, 2004). The goal of the system is to encourage the employee in each step of the process to modify his or her behavior to comply with company policies and procedures (Salvo, 2004).

Telenex provides a three step progressive discipline system where a failure to meet performance standards for the month results in a written warning and a 30 day probationary period in which the employee is to improve performance to the standards set for the department. If the employee's performance does not improve at all in 30 days then the supervisor has the option of providing a final written warning that will give the employee a set amount of time to improve or termination will result or to provide an additional 30 day probation period.

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Multiple infractions related to different issues may also result in a final written warning. There are certain serious infractions of policies and procedures that will result in a final written warning without a first written warning depending on the severity of the offense. Termination is the final result of an employee's failure to comply with the discipline system. There are offenses that are serious enough to result in termination without a written warning. All written warnings require employees to meet with their supervisor to have corrective counseling.

TOPIC: Essay on Career Development Plan Summary Telenex's Assignment

The progressive discipline system is a guide for managers and supervisors to use to ensure consistent application of discipline actions for all employees. There is a fair amount of discretion for managers in deciding how serious the offense is and the Human resources staff is available to assist managers in determining the appropriate action for the violation.

Compensation Program

Telenex reviews its pay and incentive programs regularly to stay competitive with what other companies in the same industry are providing. Base pay is $11.00 per hour for customer service positions including the opportunity for bonuses for up selling customers on wireless plans and features. Supervisors are a pay band 3 which is $36,000 a year plus they qualify for yearly bonuses based upon the performance of the team. The comprehensive health, dental and vision benefits are paid for the employee 100% and dependents can be covered at the employee's expense. The health benefits are reviewed on a yearly basis for pricing and coverage options.

Strategic Objectives

The supervisor will be tasked for knowing their business unit's strategy and communicating the key deliverables to the team that they have responsibility for and supporting the overall mission (Lollis, 2009). Supervisors must know and understand how to motivate people individually and as part of a team. It's important that the supervisor know and understand how to tie employee and team performance to the achievement of company goals and to communicate this regularly to the team. The team lead needs to interface with human resources to provide information on the skill level of the employees on the team, what training and development needs the team has and statistical data on attrition and performance. This will assist the human resource department in workforce planning and developing strategic initiatives.


This is a sound proposal for creating a new team of a team lead/supervisor and four customer service representatives including job descriptions, training, performance management discipline, and strategic objectives. Many of the programs are already in place, such as the compensation and benefits packages which are very competitive with the market. In conducting employee surveys and focus groups the desire for additional training and career development have been expressed as the most motivating factors for improving and maintaining individual and team performance. Implementing employee development programs along with the 360 degree feedback system with this new customer service team should prove an excellent resource for measuring the effectiveness of these programs for later implementation by other teams and eventually other business units in the company. The additional team is necessary for meeting the call volume anticipated by the closing of the Phoenix call center and for improving the overall employee development processes at Telenex.


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