Career Development Plan Term Paper

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Providing satisfaction to me as well as to my organization through my clients is the basic premise. I plan to devise achievable goals that would allow me to utilize my newly acquired skills and implement it as the challenges of opportunities come my way.

During this year, I will be more settled with my position therefore it will also leave room for me to explore opportunities for personal development and institutional development, Skill acquisitions will be ongoing so as to complement this quest and enable it to be developed even further.

Year three and Four

These two years would be directed towards accomplishment of goals of the previous year's strategies. It will be focused implementing the strategies through delegation, organization and control.

During these two years, I will also have achieved skills that pertain to being a CEO. This entails my studying for my MBA so as to allow me to understand the various other aspects that is required in a high caliber position.

Year Five would have achieved my initial goals. During this year I will be looking out for opportunities for my long-term goals, analyzing my skills that I have acquired and those which I have still to acquire; I need to also evaluate whether I am capable for my next position or not before venturing into it.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Career Development Plan for a Assignment

To do this I would have to develop PR with CEOs of my clients so as to develop peer relationships. Opportunities that arise from this activity will allow me to secure…
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