Career in Human Resources Research Paper

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("Choose a Career," 2008)

HR development personnel are involved in training and orientation. A few of the different functions they are emphasizing include: training sessions, administering on-the-job training programs, evaluating training programs and maintaining necessary records of employee participation in all training / development programs. These objectives are achieved by having actual workshops or taking employees on field trips. This allows firms to deal with issues such as: hiring and training everyone (which is streamlining their costs and resources). ("Choose a Career," 2008)

Total rewards are when there is focus on the benefits that everyone is receiving. This means that HR staff is concentrating on a number of areas including: analyzing job duties, writing job descriptions, performing job evaluations / analysis, and conducting / studying compensation surveys. Moreover, these individuals will also provide companies with detailed projections and analysis of their benefits plans. This is designed to monitor costs and ensure that these programs are addressing the needs of employees. ("Choose a Career," 2008)

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Risk management is when there is an emphasis on areas that are dangerous to an organization. Some of these problems include: developing / administering health and safety programs, conducting safety inspections, maintaining accident records, and preparing government reports. Moreover, there are also security specialists who will evaluate the internal and external threats to the organization. These elements are designed to help firms deal with potential risks while they are small. This is the point that they can mitigate them and any kind of collateral damage. ("Choose a Career," 2008)

TOPIC: Research Paper on Career in Human Resources Over Assignment

Employee / labor relations are when there is a concentration on the atmosphere between staff members and executives. As a part of their duties, HR personnel will focus on a number of areas including: interpreting union contracts, helping to negotiate collective bargaining agreements, resolving grievances and advising supervisors on union contracts. In nonunion shops, there is a focus on a number of other aspects to include: employee relations, grievances and involvement / engagement programs. These areas are designed to address specific issues that could arise between managers and staff members. ("Choose a Career," 2008)

Once an area of specialization has been selected, the individual will be able to focus on specific tactics to find the best employers. This is the point that they can demonstrate how they will help the firm to address specific challenges they are facing. When this happens, employers will look at a candidate more favorably by seeing the way they have carefully researched and planned their careers.

Step 5: Professional Designations

In HR, professional designations are a way to show how a candidate is more dedicated and passionate about working inside their career field. This is because they were willing to invest their own time and money to receive added credentials. To become fully certified, there are two basic procedures that must be followed to include: passing the general exam and having experience. The general exam is where someone can study and pass the basic qualification exam for a particular designation. ("Choose a Career," 2008)

Experience is when the individual must have spent two years working inside an HR environment. For someone who is just starting out this can be troubling, as they will have to wait to receive these credentials. However, if someone planned in advance, they could pass their exams for the designation. Then, once two years have elapsed, is when they can be able to receive recognition for their achievements. Once this takes place, is the point that they can show how they have better credentials in comparison with other candidates. This will help an individual to locate higher paying positions with greater amounts of responsibility. ("Choose a Career," 2008)

In the field of HR, there are several different designations that can be obtained. The most notable include: a Professional in Human Resources, a Senior Professional in Human Resources and a Global Professional in Human Resources. Once an individual has met the various requirements for experience and education is when a designation will be awarded to them. This will allow them to become invaluable to employers (who are looking for specific skill sets to address these critical needs). ("Choose a Career," 2008)

Step 6: Continuing Education

No matter how much training and experience, the various laws and regulations in HR are continually changing. This means that most people will have to regularly take some kind of continuing education courses. For someone who is entering the field, this is a practice that must begin from the moment they decide they want a career in this area. This will provide them with a basic foundation for: understanding the various concepts, principals and regulations. Once this takes place, is when any changes in policy will require minor adjustments for the individual. This is when they can apply what they learned in a real world environment to have a positive impact on different stakeholders. ("Choose a Career," 2008)

Step 7: Patience and Flexibility

Despite all of the positive benefits that the previous step will provide, everyone must possess a strong amount patience and flexibility. This is because working inside this career field can be challenging, as the economy and outsourcing will have an impact on personnel decisions. As a result, employers want to hire someone who can address their specific needs in a cost effective manner.

During this process, most candidates will often encounter a certain amount of frustrations. To deal with these issues, they need to remember that working in HR requires talking to a certain number of employers in order to be hired. This means that it will take time and there will be situations, where lesser qualified candidates will receive the position. To deal with these challenges, everyone must be patient during their search for employment.

Moreover, this may require having a certain amount of flexibility. This is when they will approach employers using different strategies that will give them more options. For example, if someone believes that they are a good candidate (but their employer is facing financial challenges). They could offer to work part time for the firm. This will allow them to continue to gain experience in the field. At the same time, they can look for another position that could complement or replace the current one. If this kind of approach is used it will increase the chances that the individual will find the HR position they are looking for. This is the point that they can begin to establish a career that will meet all of their needs.


Clearly, working in the field of human resources can be very challenging. This is because most employers will have different issues that need to be addressed inside the workplace. The problem is they do not have the time to deal with every single challenge. This is where HR personnel play a vital role in helping firms to maintain their productivity.

However, during the process of finding job, is when the competition can become fierce among HR candidates. This is because individuals are expected to embrace certain attributes that will help them to deal with a host of challenges including: the ability to work well with others, patience, flexibility, good judgment / listening skills and charisma. As a result, anyone who is interested in working in this field must show that they have certain attributes (which makes them a superior candidate). To achieve these objectives, there must be a series of steps followed to include: understanding personal characteristics, educational requirements, networking, choosing areas of specialization, receiving professional designations, focusing on continuing education and having patience / flexibility.

If these different steps are consistently followed, they will help any candidate to show how: they are more educated, experienced and passionate about the position. This is when hiring managers will chose someone who has these qualifications over others. In the process of finding a job, the combination of these elements will help them to show how they can make an organization successful. This is the key to being the most effective in finding the best HR positions. Once this takes place, is when an individual can begin a lucrative career that will support their personal and professional needs over the course of their lifetime.


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