Career Objectives Pursuing Admission Essay

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By persevering, I got the satisfaction of passing those classes, and being able to move on to the next challenge. I know that my chosen career involves a fair amount of number crunching, so I feel good about having mastered the basic skills that I will need and use frequently. My confidence has grown, and that comes with having a solid foundation to build on.

Now I am ready to study at the Masters degree level. I am looking forward to studying financial analysis, accounting, economic forecasting, investment analysis, international finance, and many other topics that require math skills. Learning more about all these subjects is important. I particularly want to understand how the economy works, especially since there are everyday reminders that come with living during a recession. But challenges bring opportunities, and that is one of the benefits of having an MS in Finance. I will have the educational tools to solve problems and create opportunities for others.

Besides letting me solve business problems, a career in banking will enable me to make a difference, by providing banking services. My goal is to have a job that lets me contribute to society, and the world of commercial banking will give me that opportunity. Also important, because I like working with people, I look forward to becoming a banking analyst and working with entrepreneurs and corporate clients. An MS in Finance puts me in position to make all this happen.

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In the banking industry in particular, there is an advantage to having an advanced degree. As a senior banking analyst, having an MS in Finance will allow me to compete for the jobs that I am interested in. Having an MS in Finance also means having the ability to qualify for a better position, one that is more senior with more challenges and responsibility, and hopefully with better pay, at least in the long run.

Admission Essay on Career Objectives Pursuing an MS Assignment

After taking a lot of time to consider my career objectives, I must say that the current economy has also influenced my thinking. I want to contribute to economic growth, and having an MS in Finance will go a long way toward enabling that dream. Whatever the causes of recessions and economic slowdowns -- and I do have my theories about how the country and the world have gotten into such a mess -- I want to personally make a difference in improving the economy, both locally and globally. Becoming a banking analyst will help me to realize that goal as well.

Attaining an MS and Finance and going on to a career as a banking analyst will further my career objectives and personal goals. These accomplishments will also put me in a position to realize another long-term goal, making a contribution to society. For these reasons I believe I should be accepted into your program. I am truly excited at… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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