Career Opportunities Within the Hospitality Industry Research Proposal

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Career Opportunities Within the Hospitality Industry:

The hospitality industry is one of the fastest developing and growing sectors of the current economic status. As an industry that is growing very fast in the recent years, it accounts for a multi-billion dollar sector. The main reason attributed to the huge growth of the hospitality industry is because it's exciting, never boring, and provides unlimited opportunities. Moreover, the industry is quite diverse and offers enough opportunities for people to work in several areas of their interests within the industry.

Current State of the Hospitality Industry:

The current hospitality industry is exceptionally healthy and feasible because of the various opportunities it provides to many people in each of its established segments. These opportunities are available in lodging management, restaurant management, recreational management, institutional management, travel and tourism, and convention planning. While each of these segments in the industry is separate and distinct in its roles, they are interrelated to offer generous and kind services to clients or guests (Gailliard, n.d.). Hospitality management in the industry basically involves planning, managing, directing, and organizing human and material resources within each of the segments in the industry.

Career Opportunities in the Industry:

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Even though the hospitality industry consists of numerous opportunities, people are required to be properly trained and prepared for specific job tasks and responsibilities. The increase of job opportunities has contributed to increased competition as individuals need to be well-equipped for the jobs and advancements in the industry. These individuals must learn as much as possible and be adequately prepared while still in school and outside the classroom. Some of the major job opportunities in this industry include the following

Hotel General Manager:

TOPIC: Research Proposal on Career Opportunities Within the Hospitality Industry Assignment

As one of the main opportunities in the hospitality industry, the hotel general manager has the responsibility of directing all operational and financial outcomes of the property. The other functions of this manager are developing standards for administration of personnel and performance, publicity, food selection, advertising, determining room rates and service to patrons. For an individual to become a hotel general manager, he/she needs a total of over two years of directly-related training to the career and/or experience in the field.

Some of needed characteristics and traits for the hotel general manager can be broadly classified into leadership, planning and communication skills. Through effective leadership characteristics and skills, the hotel general manager will exude confidence in his/her directions and actions. The hotel manager also needs to be an effective communicator and good planners.

Hotel Clerk:

This is one of the major careers that fall within the front-of-house category of services within the hospitality industry. Similar to other front-of-house careers, the hotel clerk is also referred to as a front-line staff because of the location of his/her job duties. The hotel clerk has various… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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