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¶ … Career Path of Communication Major Students

The major area of study in seeking vital knowledge for future survival is New Media and Communication Technology. This field enables students to explore changes or transformation to the field of communication by new technology. The course is crucial to the application of quantitative and qualitative research methods in end users. The students are also capable of communicating and designing principles that are vital to the designing of multimedia and online content systems. The major courses for the key area of study are Principle of Human-Computer Interaction, Evaluation and Usability Testing Social Implications of technology, Visual Communication Design (Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Dreamweaver), Persuasive Communication, and Electronic Media for Designer. Other courses include Introduction to Image Graphics, Effective Communication for the Web, Computer Interface, and Human Identity. These vital courses supplement the minor area of study (Marketing). These knowledge and information are crucial for the development of career path in relation to communication. With this information, an individual can have numerous career paths. Three examples of career paths or types of jobs in relation to these main courses are network marketing, user experience design, and website design.

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Term Paper on Career Path of Communication Major Students Assignment

This job or employment opportunity classifies under other names: multi-level marketing, direct selling, referral marketing, and pyramid selling. Network Marketing involves procuring or purchasing a product, selling the product or recruiting other individuals to sell the product. An individual can work under different categories in Network Marketing: distributors, recruiters, and salespeople. An example of network marketing job description is purchasing products at start up point or prices then reselling in order to make profits. The distinction of network marketing and normal sales jobs is the ability of the sales people to recruit other individuals with marketing skills to sell products on their behalf. Network Marketing also involves taking a cut of the profit. Network Marketing allows independent distributor to sell products with the aim of making profits. Network Marketing is by telephone, internet, and through the client's house. Individuals in this business earn money or financial benefits by distributing products directly to consumers or recruiting other people to sell and distribute the products. The new recruits sell directly to consumers or recruit other sales people to distribute the product. This organization or arrangement continues until there is a hierarchy of distributors selling and promoting the products in relation to the consumers. This type of arrangement leads to the adoption of the term multi-level marketing. There are different levels in this type of job depending on the experience and number of recruits within the program. Each distributor or promoter represents an independent business owner or representative (Chandrasekharan 106).

Educational Qualifications

Despite the fact that there is no specific educational requirement for network marketing, individuals can take advantage of degree in Marketing. This would allow the individual to develop knowledge crucial to professional selling, marketing, behavior of consumers or market audience, and sales management. Internet knowledge is also crucial to achievement of higher benefits in network marketing. The knowledge of persuasive communication is also vital since distributing and promoting the products involves working directly with the consumers or recruits. It is necessary to convince the consumers to buy the products one is distributing. The persuasive knowledge is also crucial in bringing new distributors or sales persons into the hierarchy. The distributor must be able to convince interested parties into having careers in networking marketing. Degree in marketing would allow businesspersons the opportunity to learn the forces within the market or the industry. They learn of factors that determine the purchasing trends by the consumers within the context of the market. Marketing also provides crucial information on how to manage business entities or prospects (Chandrasekharan 106).


Payment system in the network marketing applies in relation to the number or quantity of sales by the distributor or promoter. This indicates that the distributor only earns when after selling products to consumers. Payment is also in relation to the number of recruits to help promote and distribute the products. Network Marketers obtain bonuses for efforts in acquiring new distributors or promoters, consumers, and residual income in relation to repeat business. This payment system indicates that for a network marketer to earn financial, it is essential to make sales and recruit new distributors and promoters to facilitate the marketing process.


In network marketing, individuals advance by the share of recruits. This indicates that the advancement in network marketing is by the time of entrance in relation to the program, volume or quantity of procurements or purchases, and success at recruitment process. Advancement in network marketing does not recognize the theory of appointments. During the program, consumers are recruited to join the hierarchy, and they obtain the incentive to purchase the products. This process provides profits to those who are above them within the hierarchical system. Therefore, for a network marketer to advance within the ranks, he or she must procure large quantities of products and recruit large volumes of distributors, promoter, or customers. This makes advancement process to be in the hands of the marketer. It is crucial to apply extra efforts to move up the ranks in order to obtain appropriate financial benefits.

Companies that hire Network Marketer

There are several companies that hire network marketers: USANA, Amway, Forever Living, Morinda, Freelife, Shaklee, Arbonne, Xango, Synergy Worldwide, Herbalife, Melaleuca, and Nikken. Others include Neways, GNLD, Sunrider, NSA Juice Plus, and Manntech.

User Experience Design

User experience design focuses on the interaction between users and the system or device in the context. The aim of this job description is to explore and improve the perception of consumers, in relation, to the system or device they are using. The job also operates towards enabling consumers to learn on how to use their devices or systems effectively and efficiently. User Experience Designers are crucial in enabling the company enhance its interaction with the consumers on the websites. User Experience Designers also have the capacity to develop products with the aim of achieving optimal user experience. User Experience Designer would apply the vital information about the consumers into developing effective and efficient interaction process or method on the websites. User Experience designer also applies this reliable information about the consumers to enhance the quality of service delivery to the market audience. For companies to maximize their profit and revenue levels, it is crucial to seek the assistance of the user experience designer. User Experience Design job description highlights several responsibilities. Some of the important responsibilities of the user experience designer include the development of architecture, designs, and prototypes, designs with impactful user interface, conducting research in relation to the competitive landscape and website functionality, and creation of design mockups or usage scenarios. Some of the job titles in the User Experience Design include User experience architect, interactive designer, information architect, and interface designer. The User Experience Design job is a mixture of creative, scientific, and technical applications. User Experience designer must possess a wide range of experience and technical knowhow to facilitate application of knowledge about the consumers. The job requires development of effective and efficient interaction system with individuals or consumers of the employing company. Interaction on the website must appeal to the consumers hence user experience designer should facilitate this main objective of the company (Kalbach 45).

Educational Qualifications

User Experience Designer must have crucial knowledge on a range of subjects such as human factors, psychology, computer science, and communication design. These critical information or knowledge allows an individual to be an expert in the field of study or career path. User Experience designers might also have knowledge in graphic design and related visual communication (Kalbach 45). These attributes are noteworthy because they contribute on how consumers or individuals interact with mobile devices and websites in the contemporary world. User Experience designer must have knowledge in relation to principles of human-computer interaction, evaluation and usability testing social implication of technology, computer interface, human identity, and communication for the web. This information would supplement the marketing experience thus the development of effective and applicable interaction platform (websites) with the consumers or clients of the employing company. Human identity would be crucial in understanding the behavior of consumers in the process of creating effective interaction with the websites. Visual communication (Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver) is vital for enhancing the performance of user experience designer.


User Experience Design jobs possess attractive financial benefits in relation to the amount of remuneration or salary. There is a variation in the amount of wages or salaries within this field or type of job. Variation of salary depends on the level of experience or qualification for the job or employment opportunity, the type of company or employing entity, and the job description. User Experience designers serve under different categories in the process of creating interactive platform for the company and the consumers. Those in higher ranks earn more than individuals or experts serving as juniors or with little level of experience. This indicates that… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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