Career Project Essay

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Nursing Career

Nursing as a Career

Choosing a field in nursing calls for the character traits of compassion for others and genuine love for your fellow man (Gastmans). According to my sources and my personal experiences thus far, a career in the nursing field can prove to be rewarding as well as challenging. Pay comes in accordance with experience and adequacy. Though a nurse will be met with many challenges along the journey of his/her career, there is much to be said for those who remain in the field because of the personal satisfaction of knowing they have indeed made a difference in the lives of others.

Nursing Career

An Assessment of Nursing as a Career

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In order to "go" into the field of nursing, one must have a compassionate heart and truly care for the welfare and well-being of others (Gastmans); I possess these traits and qualities; therefore, it is just "in" me to be a caregiver. I have always had a heart for those who were hurting or in need. I can remember helping to care for my dying grandmother when I was younger. I knew she was very sick, and something about the time getting small made me want to stay by her side. Looking back, I realize that was one experience that would set me on the path toward choosing a career in the medical field. After helping to take care of my grandmother before her death, my mother said that I would make a great nurse. I didn't think much about it, but now I know that that particular moment in time I was called to become a part of the nursing field. Becoming a registered nurse, initially, will give me an opportunity to help others while also providing for myself and the livelihood of my own family. I want to go as far as I possibly can with my nursing career, setting career goals and passing essential tests in order to become certified so that I may help and serve others as long as my own health will allow me to.


Essay on Career Project Assignment

My goals and main interests are helping to heal and comfort sick people, who battle any type of disease, disorder or handicap. It will be important for me to check vital notes concerning my patients and distribute medicines and follow other doctor's (s') orders carefully. It will be important that I treat my patients professionally, and with Nursing Career 4

respect, always leaving them and their families with a feeling of peace about their current health situations and circumstances. It will be crucial that I remain aware of my patients' physical, mental and psychological limitations and/or special needs and such so that I can help to ensure the safety of other patients, myself and my colleagues. It will be important that I do my job to the best of my ability not only for professional reasons, but for the greater good of humanity as a whole.

I look forward to the positives concerning my job as well as the challenges that I know will be at hand regularly that come with the "territory" of being a nurse. I look forward to the personal and professional rewards I will achieve throughout my career. Helping other people on their journey to healing, or comforting them as they are dying will indeed leave me with emotional rewards that no other career could ever provide. I do have concerns about the challenges that lie before me. I know there will be days that I have many patients to oversee at once. I hope that I will have the ability to manage my time effectively, and be attentive to each one, giving each individual the attention and supervision they will need when they are sick. I am also concerned with patients that may have allergic reactions to various medications, as a family member of mine died as a result of a steroid that he was allergic to. Had he not been given the steroid, he would probably be alive today. I want to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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