Caregivers Article Critique

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The question and the objective of the study match the purpose of the study in that the perceptions and the experiences of the staff at the care homes will help in identifying the differences in dementia, delirium, and depression in patients admitted in such facilities. Dependent variables are the caregivers' perceptions and experiences while the independent variables are the identification of dementia, delirium, and depression. Because this was a qualitative research it is not appropriate to have a hypothesis.

Literature review is comprehensive as it uses only several sources. Only one source in the literature review was published more than a decade a go, the rest were published less than five years ago. Landmark publication in the literature review include the works of Siddiqi, Clegg and Young (2009) that talks about prevalence of dementia in care homes and Featherstone, Hopton and Siddiqi (2010) that reckons the challenges faced in differentiating between dementia, delirium, and depression. Mitchell and Kakkadasam (2011) aver that when people are depressed, withdrawal and sleepiness caused by delirium may be overlooked. This to me is new knowledge that should be explored further.

The study is of high quality bearing in mind that it uses very current literature in its literature review section. Despite the fact that the research question is not explicitly stated it can be identified by just reading the introductory section. The objective of the study is explicitly stated. It is the hypothesis that is not clearly stated because of the qualitative nature of the study.

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Article Critique on Caregivers Face When it Comes Assignment

Peacock, R., Hopton, A., Featherstone, I. & Jill, E. (2012). Care Home Staff can detect the Difference between Delirium, Dementia, and Depression. Nursing Older People, 24(1),


Siddiqi, N., Clegg, A.,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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