Caregiving to Elderly People Essay

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It would help them to provide a caregiver from the same ethnical background who understands the culture and rituals of the certain ethnical background. The strategy would be organizing some social groups including caregivers and elderly people sharing same ethnical background and language. It could be more beneficial for them to exchanging ideas than being lectured. Therefore, they should be talking, explaining their feelings and experiences during these social work groups.

These classes for the caregivers should be given at the conference rooms of the Hope Hospice to provide a high attendance and opportunity to experiment the theories given during the theoretical sessions. Elderly caregiving is difficult not only for the caregiver but also the elder person. Therefore, some collaborative classes should be projected with counselors and psychologists.

The meeting is going to take place at 21st of October between 1 pm and 2pm at Hope Hospice Community Room. The participants will be enlightened in the aspects of physical and mental changes of elderly people as well as the quality of caregiving and caregiver's physical and psychological states. The counseling service of the Hope Hospice would provide lectures how to deal with cognitive and perceptual aspects of aging.

The expected outcome of this project is to provide better and more prepared caregivers for the elder people as a result of rapidly growing age related industries.

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Essay on Caregiving to Elderly People in Assignment

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